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All Electric Commuter Aircraft is Weeks Away

Very Short Haul aircraft that seems to beg a discussion of Airline Route structures. ( More...

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belzybob 4
Seems they don't use the same arithmetic principles that I do: " the nine-passenger Alice will be able to fly for one hour, and about 440 nautical miles. The plane has a max cruise speed of 250 kts, or 287 miles per hour."
bbabis 2
"The plane has a max cruise speed of 250 kts, or 287 miles per hour."

or about 440 kilometers per hour. I think that was the mistake made in reporting.
linbb 2
Dont know where you got the info as the c208 project is dead prototypes are up for sale battery weight problems again and the Beaver is the same. Haul battries and a pilot for payload doesnt pay the bills.
linbb 2
Oh that one it has not flown yet or possibly just a short flight that does not make it viable and ready to go into service at all its at the best months away if not years.
skylab72 3
The article said first-flight was weeks away, not "in service". And I think you are quite right, given Li-Ion technology. It is not a good sign for aviation that it is still dominant in the battery market where energy density is so important. There are several, OK, a few other chemistries in the development pipeline that will one day make this proposition profitable. The only question is when...
Torsten Hoff 1
Japanese researchers recently had a breakthrough in battery technology, doubling the energy density


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