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Monroe Regional Airport Easter Tornado. $25 to 30 Million estimated damage

Damage to a hangar at Monroe Regional Airport has been reported. Airport Director Ron Phillips said there is debris everywhere. The hangar belongs to AV Flight, and Phillips said there is between $25 and $30 million in damage to aircraft stored in the hangar. ( More...

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ImperialEagle 1
I do not recall the specific year it ended,however, the DL annual shareholders meetings were always held in Monroe,LA back in the day. Perhaps a Company "historian" will shed some light on the topic.
Did Allen end it in the 1990's? Or was it later?
ImperialEagle 0
Monroe,LA is the original home of Delta Air Lines.
ADXbear 0
What.... home of Delta is not Monroe.. try Atlanta...

Hope for speedy recovery..
outisland41 1
Monroe, LA was home for Delta until 1941.


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