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Cannabis Smoking Passenger Causes American Airlines Diversion

For frequent fliers, the phrase “smoking is not allowed onboard this aircraft,” is a familiar one. ( और अधिक...

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Hirouchida 2
What a buzzkill. This is not the way to get high. I hope he gets 6 months in a corrections facility and is fined $172K like the Korean national on the Hawaiian Airlines flight to Seoul in July.
Kobe Hunte 0
High as in 30,000 feet in the air?
Robert Cowling 2
I'm surprised at he number of people that use 'weed' think it's not 'smoking'. The brain death is tragic, but not unexpected I suppose.

Yes, weed IS smoking, and like with cigarettes, there is no way to know what's in them.


क्या आपका कोई खाता नहीं है? अनुकूलित विशेषताओं, फ्लाइट अलर्टों,और अधिक के लिए अब(नि:शुल्क) रजिस्टर करें!
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