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Air Force One: New Estimate Bumps Total Cost By Nearly One-Third

The cost of buying, equipping, and preparing to operate the two Boeing 747s that will become the next Air Force One presidential transport aircraft is now pegged at $5.3 billion, nearly one-third more than the figure routinely touted by the White House, according to Air Force officials and Pentagon budget documents ( More...

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Let him fly commercial. And eat cake. The Air Force 1 concept as practiced is an out-of-control monstrosity. I suggest that the 747 is not needed for domestic transport. There's any number of Gulfstreams available that can do the job. Or King Airs for that matter.

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+Taylor Beck yes, hopefully a her this time, enough of the hims. Practical her would do with a Gulfstream, I think. Now if we weren't so proud we'd have the Brits build another Concorde for Air Force 1 . Now THERE was an airplane.
Chris B 0
A 737 Max 8 would work. Escorted by F15s.

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Yes, so would I. i'm sorry, but no one seems to want to touch the real elephant in the room on the 737 MAX 8 story, and that is the part that human factors and cultural human factors MAY have played in these 2 accidents. In Lion, I see a rush to judgement to blame Boeing, and a deflection away fom the actions AND inactions of the pilots, which seem to be many in the case of Lion. i see an effort to save face at any cost. Why didn't the pilot that saved the previous flight on Lion pass along what he found to others??? I see a profound lack of curiosity from both indonesia and Ethiopia. The plane is U.S. made--and the NTSB is the best in the business at reading CVRS and FDR. So why not give the Black Boxes to the NTSB? Do Indonesia and Ethiopia want the truth? Or just a more favorable reading, perhaps, from France or their own investigators? I'm gonna say what others won't, and that is that foreign pilots from CERTAIN ASIAN nd AFRICAN cultures seem to do well enough with the routine mechanical operation UNTIL something goes wrong...and then their knowledge and follow through on emergency procedures seems to just fall apart. Boeing has now had its MAX 8 program ruined BECAUSE it went after profits first before first considering whether or not a certain airline was culturally suited to absorb new technology., and in the PC (mis) assumption that pilots are pilots no matter where they comne from. Wrong. There are pilots and then there are pilots.
Highflyer1950 1
After the fiasco with the B767/tankers Boeing should just throw two 747’s in at cost? The reality is Boeing has to find a way to make up for all the losses on the Max 8/9 being grounded?
Richard Orgill -1
With the ever-growing World threat, idiot's who cannot debate subjects w/o carrying out violent acts, the world seemingly growing smaller every day and more modern sophisticated weapons systems from the various countries this Airborne Warning / Command and Control planes are needed. Better use of our tax dollars than welfare.
I thought the E-4's and their progeny (EC-135's, E-8's, et al), based at places like Offutt Elsworth, and Robins were the Airborne Warning/Command and Control aircraft.
jmilleratp 0
Boeing always manages to run up the costs of their aircraft the second they get the contracts.

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