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Video shows the power of "Wet Microburst"

It's called a wet microburst -- but when you see it on video like this, there's nothing "micro" about it. This time-lapse footage captured by Tucson photographer Brian Snider shows a microburst absolutely unloading on an area near the city. It seems as if a giant nozzle has been turned on in the sky, sending a blast of water straight down, which then quickly fans out ( More...

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Paul Robbins 5
WOW!!! I believe every flight instructor in the country should show their students this video in order to really get the lesson on about how powerful these really things are, because it doesn't sound that scary in the books we students read.
Mark Thomas 3
Its incredible to me how hundreds of thousands of tons of water can be suspended in the air and then suddenly drop out of the sky like someone has upended a bucket!

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Brian Bishop 2
That's nuts! Incredible footage.
jet4ang 2
Talk about a "Smackdown". Hulk Hogan would be jealous. Unbelievable!
Paul Robbins 2
Delta 191!!!
Tony Smith 2
Microbursts are powerful, dangerous, and short lived making the difficult to detect in a timely manner along the approach/departure corridors where the danger to planes is greatest. Fortunately out here at STL we have a TDWR as do other busy, high risk airports in the detect them and generate MB alerts for departing/arriving aircraft, seen as a divergent doppler velocity signature on the radar. As seen in other other accidents, when conditions are right for MBs, a bad assumption made by pilots - that should be weaned out in training/recurrent training-is that just because the guy on front of view departed or arrived (and may have had a smooth ride) doesn't mean you're good - it's an independent event and an aviation example of the gambler's fallacy. See the Pan Am 759 & Delta 191 accidents for examples of this.
preacher1 3
While DAL1191 was an example, it should be noted that there was no gamble. Many today couldn't think about a world without Doppler but in 1985 it was just being developed. The crash of 191 spurred final development and deployment.
bentwing60 1
Proof, even nature takes a dump now and then.
Gods own water hammer.
I was told the guy that shot the video is a commercially trained pilot who had hopes of flying for the majors, but had a vertigo medical concern. Great storm chaser/photographer.
ADXbear 1
This should be part of ever aviators training, ATC etc.. awesome video..
oowmmr 1
That wouldn't blow off the windscreen.
sparkie624 1
WOW, powerful video....
vintz81 1
HarleyBravo 1
Image, if you can, an L-1011 emerging from this MB, nose up and struggling to regain altitude and control, only to lose the battle when the left wingtip clips a water tank.
preacher1 2
Shades of DAL 191. R.I.P.
Paul Smith 1
Gives even more respect to Mother Nature! Great video.
Phil Souder 1
Really hard to believe.!
Wow!Very cool video!
cparks 1
Raw power
preacher1 1
Calls for a ground stop at Davis Monthan and KTUS. No sense trying to fly or land in that mess
joel wiley 1
That certainly rained on someone's parade!

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sparkie624 3
Please, we are supposed to gentlemen (and Ladies) around here.... Not a good comment.


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