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Aviation Week: Flying The Boeing 787 (VIDEO)

Aviation Week was invited to fly the Boeing 787 in November. The Dec. 10, 2012 issue of Aviation Week & Space Technology features a full technical report, written by our resident test pilot, Fred George. Digital subscribers can see the full report, with charts and technical data collated by Guy Norris, on tablet devices today. ( More...

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Dubslow 2
Aw jeez this is the third time (and third different site) that this has been submitted.
Roland Dent 2
Totally gorgeous machine...Im in love!
Jeff Lawson 1
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Aviation Week Evaluates Boeing 787

Pilots who strap into Boeing's new 787 most likely will conclude that it is the easiest to fly and most intuitive jetliner ever built by the Seattle-based manufacturer, based upon our findings during a demo flight in mid-November.
Dubslow 1
This was posted two days ago (or maybe yesterday)
Jeff Lawson 1
It was only published on their website today, based upon the date of their article.
Dubslow 1
Well, okay. Someone submitted the link to the YouTube video. I watched it.
Jeff Lawson 2
ok thanks. my post was to the actual text of the article, not the video portion, but they're together here now.
Nice glare shield hula girl up there
Andrew Taylor 0
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Aviation Week Flight-Tests the Boeing 787

As much as we enjoyed our opportunity to fly the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner earlier this summer, we were the first to admit our flight was far from a full-fledged test. We spent about 30 minutes in the right seat making a handful of turns and maneuvers, and considering our level of experience flying big jets has been limited to a few hours in simulators, we were patiently waiting for the real experts to chime in on Boeing’s new baby.


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