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AMR Under Federal Pressure Over Pensions

American Airlines trying to DUMP pensions onto the American tax payer. ( More...

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Pileits 4
I beg to differ Mr Smith. American is taking the easy way out NOW, or at least trying to and the PBGC is also saying the same thing to American. That is why the PBGC has filed a lawsuit against American, for NOT properly funding the pensions they promised to pay.
Mean while American continues to accept multi-million dollar aircraft as well as order 250 MORE new airplanes. Yet they won't put the monies into the pensions they promised they would.

The unions as well as the PBGC are simply asking American to pay what American promised to pay.
Should AMR NOT pay their obligations then WE the Tax payers of America have to pay and WE the tax payers are fed up with deadbeat companies trying to take a free ride on the our backs!
99NY 2
Way to go AMR. How's top-level management weathering this storm I wonder?
Paul Smith -4
stop bashing AMR, you act like its easy dealing with a company that large with unions who want Unrealistic demands in this economy! its not easy, think about it, this is the only legacy who avoided bankruptcy this long... and now we are bashing them because of that, I think its great they decided to not take the easy way out years ago. it might hurt now but that is what has to happen. In the end if everything goes well they will come out stronger and more competitive than ever.
ATCguy1 3
Being in AMR top-level management may not be the easiest job Paul, but there is no reason for the unionized employees (who are the backbone of the airline) to have to suffer. They aren't the ones who made the economy this way.
Paul Smith -1
Thats true, but management didn't make the economy this way either. Where else are the cuts gonna come from.... they already got rid of Arpey and his crew who caused alot of this.
Point is, I understand its tough but sacrifices have to be made... it just sucks that it comes at the cost of tons hardworking American jobs..
Dean Brossman 2
They want to not pay the bills they promised to pay. They do not want to pay for the retirement of thousands of workers who faithfully worked for years to earn that retirement. They want us the taxpayers of America to pick up their tab and fund the retirees at some percentage of what they were promised. But you can bet your #$$ that all of the golden parachutes were paid in full!
The argument that "the other airlines did it" does not make it right now or when the others got away with it.
Chris Donawho 2
PBGC has already frozen somewhere in the neighborhood of $76m in AMR assets to cover the 2011 shortfall in pension contributions. AMR's contribution should have been around $96m, but only put in $22m. Kudos to PBGC for having the foresight to protect the pensions thru 2012. The head of the PBGC is appointed by the president. AMR retirees ought to get out there and vote this time, instead of sitting on their asses like most did last election.
I am not a union sympathizer but this chapt 11 business plan is BS. And putting the taxpayer on the hook for private business is more of the same BS. Pay your debts before you buy anything. If you can't pay your contracts then fold em.
jmilleratp 1
Be careful! Google Chrome is telling me there is malware on the site, and I could get affected if I continue. It is the first time I got a red screen warning with that information.


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