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Revolutionary new Boeing Dreamliner takes off Wednesday

On Wednesday, the world's first jet to be made mostly of carbon fiber, instead of traditional aluminum and steel, will carry passengers for the first time when Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways (ANA) flies from Tokyo to Hong Kong with 264 travelers on board. ( और अधिक...

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Bob Ziehm 0
Wonder if the current grounding due to a lightening strike will delay this?
Bogush 0
how are they gonna do that - the nacelle was damaged in a fender bender last week ?
al fredericks 0
i hope there will be more "CARBON" copies in the future. we all know that the airlines will desimate the perks for more tight seating as they have for every new a/c in the past an present. admire this new airliner now for as it is, not what the airlines will turn it into.
Jaye Davidoski 0
History has shown that people (for the most part) prefer a cheep ticket over comfort. The airlines respond to this by putting in more seats and charging less for tickets. Those that can afford it, fly first class or a fractional. People buy a bus ticket and are pissed when a limo does not show up.
linbb 0
Plastic airliners dont make me feel warm an fuzzy yet, give me a plastic car they dont have to fall far if something breaks off.
Kira Andreola 0
I hope someone takes some out the window video of this! I have yet to see any footage of the aircraft in flight from inside the cabin.
Jeff Carey 0
Have been using carbon fiber in racing sailboats for many years strength to weight ration is about 10 to one. Weighs 60% less than most metals and is much stronger. Expense is the major reason for limited use.
Brian Bishop 0
Same for the automotive racing community. Talk to John Force or any F1 engineer about Carbon Composites vs Aluminum Alloys or even Titanium. Go down to the Chevy store and check out the newest Corvette. NASCAR's been using Carbon/Carbon brakes for almost 20 years now. The term "plastic" gets thrown around much too loosely, this ain't a happy meal toy.
Roland Dent 0
The composites have no record over 20 years use in a commercial airliner that will see a temperature variation between plus 60 to minus 60 degrees C over many hours and cycles of use. Whilst we have a good knowledge of metals thus far in technology, we DO NOT HAVE a similar set in the new composites. For those who believe we can "model" the material with computer math I would suggest that nature and man can combine in so man ways the software writers have yet to realise. To cite the race car and sail boat as "proven" examples of composite material use is irrelavent in aerospace contexts.
Roland Dent 0
In everyday language this material is too "brittle" for many applications in egineering. Does not handle sudden loading too well....snaps.
secondamendment 0
Please don't use that guy to narrate again, can't stand the voice.
keith peers 0


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