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(Video) amazing end-to-end aerial footage of a missile test

Video by Norway's Kongsberg of a flight test of its Naval Strike Missile (NSM), basis of teh Joint Strike Missile under development for the F-35 JSF. Here the fire-and-forget missile is launched from land at the Pt Mugu, Calif., test range and is filmed by a chase aircraft as sea-slims a few feet above the Pacific, flying over an island to acquire and attack a target ship on the otther side. Kongsberg says this mission profile gave the NSM's imaging-infrared seeker just 1.5 seconds to… ( और अधिक...

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mark tufts 0
Dubslow 0
Cool, but the missile missed. But I guess that's what development is for.
Kawaiipoint2 0
The missile did not miss, it wasnt armed with a payload... it blew right through that container...
Dubslow 0
Container? As far as I could tell, the hull was not penetrated. (I know it hit something on the ship, but it didn't do significant damage, not from my perspective.)
Victor Engel 0
Maybe you need to take a closer look. At about 0:47 if you freeze the frame, you can see it's a direct hit. Furthermore, looking closely at the sunken ship (I assume it's an old tanker that was purposely sunk there for target practice or whatever), you can see a yellow cable that leads down the length of the ship. It goes directly to the point of impact. Coincidence? I think not. I bet they had sensors there to pick up the impact. It looks like about as direct a hit as you could possibly expect to me.
Victor Engel 0
Also, where did all the shrapnel at 0:40 come from if it was a miss?
William Gilson 0
Dead on if it had a warhead it would have gone through the bridge WOW no one left but a smoking hole
Chip Hermes 0
Amazing how low it flies.
Ian Horseman 0
Chip, it's a test/development round. That one was flying at a fairly high level...


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