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Did that airline passenger just light up? Here’s what happened on a smoky Spirit flight

A Spirit Airlines passenger disobeyed a law that went into effect more than 30 years ago and lit up a cigarette on board. Cellphone video taken by fellow passenger early Tuesday morning shows the chaos on the flight from Detroit to Fort Lauderdale once smoke started billowing into the aisle. Alexa Majdalawi, of Boynton Beach, told the Miami Herald the woman lit up a little after landing as the plane taxied on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale International Airport. ( More...

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patrick baker 1
whatever passes for grey matter in this ladie's skull was underutilized here, and irregardless of her blood alchol count, she is in violation of a law that results in fines at the very least. We submit for mutual safety and accomodation, and all who can not are not welcome furthermore. Full planes mean there are 150 scolds equiped with cell phone recorders to record miscreants.
Chris Bryant 5
Love the cop telling the loud-mouth woman "we can do this without your assistance"
BrianL 2
Remember when people dressed up in suits/ties and dresses to fly and acted civilized? Have times sure changed.
sparkie624 2
I remember having to wear a Suit and tie.. Suit was fine... I hated that tie however... But those were certainly much better days!
Eh, part of that is culture change, and the other part is wage decline. At one point in time Americans spent 20% of their wages on cloths. That's just not the case any longer.
sharon bias 1
How many of us even remember when smoking was allowed on planes?
Jim Quinn 3
I'd like to have seen the loud-mouthed woman arrested...
BrianL 2
Hearing her would be about as bad as breathing the cigarette.
Cleffer 4
Tell me why they aren't allowed to duct tape passengers again?
sparkie624 1
because it will hurt their feelings... you got to watch that stuff down days.. :)
sparkie624 3
I would have grabbed a Fire Extinguisher and helped him put it out... While he was Inhaling! What Stupid Morons!
Unless I am mistaken, even when smoking was allowed, it was only during flight, not while the aircraft was on the ground or climbing. I just do not understand what people today are thinking.
Internet makes it news today. Had something similar happen in 2001. Lady next to me got on the plane drunk, they served her 3 beers in flight, and as soon as we landed she lit up. As we were leaving the door, a flight attendant finally noticed, charged after her. No cell phone with camera then to capture the event and post somewhere. An incident I remember, but not only one.
Robert Cowling -5
Because they aren't. They are operating on fear, and anger. It's just plain stupidity.

PLUS there are many right wing law firms that are looking for 'test cases' to allow for the cases to either outright end some rules/laws/regulations but are also feeding the appeals system with decisions that will bubble up to the now notorious waste of time SCOTUS. They have turned the US Justice system into a partisan screaming joke. If the snowflakes on the right can't win at the ballot box, they will warp as much as they can until they can win, At All Cost... Treason, anyone?


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