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Exhausted pilots tell Cathay Pacific their growing workloads are a threat to flight safety

Flight safety is under threat as exhausted aircrews cope with increasing workloads, senior Cathay Pacific pilots have warned in a letter to the airline’s management that is seen by the Sunday Morning Post. ( और अधिक...

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preacher1 0
If it is too much to do, then step aside. You got enough seniority to bid off.
Ray Dahl 0
Last I heard, a senior KLM Captain can bid the 737 for the same pay as a 747 and be home most every night.
preacher1 -1
Legal time or not., as much study has been done, FATIGUE is still the 800 lb gorilla in the room. It affects everyone different and must be taken into account. That said, a senior Captain should know how it affects him personally and take it into account as he bids his flights.
preacher1 -1
And I have no real sympathy. I'm kinda like allench1, diapers are coming. Move over.

[This poster has been suspended.]

matt jensen 1
After 20 yrs of flying for NWA for a pittance, I now make triple that flying cargo that doesn't bitch about the lavs not working, the bad food or why we are late.
allench1 0
diapers are on the way sport...quit and 1000's of other pilots that would take your job in a heartbeat will line up for the chance. Dues paid by most all the heavy pilots. as a side note: the most demanding fatigue on flights are the long hauls. just saying
btweston 1
You missed the point.

Did you want some peanut butter?


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