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Reno Air Race Crash - VIDEO

It wasn't immediately known how many people were killed. But video of the crash showed a horrific scene of bodies and wreckage at the front of the stands. Mike Draper, a spokesman for the air races, told The Associated Press that Jimmy Leeward was the pilot of the P-51 Mustang that crashed into the box seat area at the front of the grandstand about 4:30 p.m. He said he did not have any information on the number of injured. The National Championship Air Races draws thousands of people… ( और अधिक...

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flyhigh2014 0
My Friend was going to go on Saturday to the air show
Ben Lillie 0
YouTube removed the video
ma056769 0
I'm as in touch as I can be. My thoughts go out to the victims. I'm numb


क्या आपका कोई खाता नहीं है? अनुकूलित विशेषताओं, फ्लाइट अलर्टों,और अधिक के लिए अब(नि:शुल्क) रजिस्टर करें!
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