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Turkish Airlines Damages A330 3 Days After Delivery!

Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-343 registred TC-LOL, was performing flight TK627 from IST to Port Harcourt when the PIC landed the aircraft next to the runway due to confusion of the runway lights. ( और अधिक...

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SmokedChops 12
not to point out the obvious, but the aircraft reg appears to be apropos in this instance. (in the words,texts of my 13 year old...LOL's) Luckily no one was injured,so there is THAT going for this 'Benny Hill Show' class of incident. What are the odds of the left seat jockey getting a second gig as PIC? Oy. (cue "Yakety Sax")

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Adrian Vargas 7
Crew nationality: Captain from Netherlands
First Officer: Portuguese
Abieshan Ganeshamurthi 2
How did you know the crew's nationality? If you were on the flight, it would make much more sense.
racerxx 6
Info is publicly available. Use your noggin
Andy Cruickshank 5
Please define 1st World, "Second world and I am guessing thatthe rest are "Third world". Which nations (or airlines) meet your criteria for each category.
Kairho Carroll 2
Bill Roettgen 1
John Killingsworth 1
This ;ink it extremely enlightening.
Greg S 4
Turkey is quite a mixed bag in terms of 1st world/3rd world benchmarks, but I think it's closer to 1st world than 3rd. I have no knowledge of the quality of the airline in question.
Andy Cruickshank 1
Wolfgang Prigge -4
Turkish Airlines is solidly first world, I would prefer them over anything the USA has on long haul.
dkenna 1
I flew on Turkish Air only but once, and it was one time too many. While I agree US carriers suck, I can at least breathe on board. That Turkish flight was on a 737 from IST to ADA, not terribly long but the stench on that plane was awful. Not sure if this was a one time type of thing, but I don’t feel the need to try again!
Wolfgang Prigge 1
It’s possible that you had a bad experience, but when KLM decided to cancel the first leg of my flight home to Montreal from Nairobi I was re-routed via Istanbul on Turkish Airways. My experience was good, older A330 both flights, but clean and spacious, excellent food and well trained cabin personnel. It was right up with the best European airlines.

As Turkish Airlines is flying just about anywhere with, according to their website, the most international destinations of any airline, I would not hesitate to choose them if they go where I need to go.
dkenna 1
I’m glad your experience was good. I’ll admit, apart from having to breathe, the rest of the flight was fine. This was also in 2008 on a domestic flight,
Wolfgang Prigge 1
I can’t say anything about Turkish Airlines domestic flights, I’ve never experienced any. As for the cigarette smell, maybe it was one of their older aircraft with the stench deeply ingrained in all the seats and plastic parts.
AWAAlum 1
It wasn't identified as cigarette stench. Just "stench".
AWAAlum 1
dkenna 1
I would have welcomed cigarette smell. The smell on that flight was due to a complete lack of hygiene.
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Don Quixote 1
"While I agree US carriers suck" Really? Try Delta One and you won't fly any other sh*tty European airline again! Personally U.S. Carriers are far ahead of them, specifically within the last 5 years. I don't know why the stigma is always to bash anything U.S. related, I consider them on the higher end, unless you're flying Singapore or some Government funded Middle Eastern Airline.
SkyAware123 1
Flying Turk in the 90's it was always an interesting trip. Between doors flying off and the thick thick cigarette smoke in the cabin it wasn't my preferred air line.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
I’ve heard about the «old » Turkish Airline, but they spent a good amount on aircraft and generally improving their stuff. They are quite agressive in capturing a big chunk of trafic between Europe, Africa and the Far East, counting on the central location of Istanbul to do so. Hence the brand new giant airport to the north, taking over from Atatürk airport. In 25 years things change, some for the better and some for worse.
Don Quixote 0
I prefer Delta Airlines over any international airline, especially Europoor Airlines. Sh*tty government funded airlines. And you wonder why they're all going bankrupt.
Yuguang Han -7
Please take your condescension and shove it up yourself. You have obviously never touched the seats of any decent long-haul international flights.
Steamjet 11
No, but after 18,000 in domestic and international ops I can hit the centerline of a runway ... as any student pilot should. BTW...if you are confused about the situation, in this case, rwy lights, you should “go around”
FedExCargoPilot 1
Wish I could land centerline on every try :/

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Maxwell Johnson 16
Spare us your ill-informed condescension. It doesn't matter if this was a US carrier, an African carrier, or the Vatican air force. It doesn't matter if the pilot was from the Netherlands, Swaziland, or the moon. This was incompetence, pure and simple. Like Steamjet, I have flown in the cockpit for thousands of hours, landing everywhere from state of the art airports to bush strips. It is not, repeat NOT difficult to distinguish runway lights from taxiway and boundary lights, even in category III conditions. Rationalizations about circadian rhythms and "unreliable infrastructure" are clever buzzwords for you to toss around but they do not excuse poor performance when hundreds of lives and millions of dollars are on the line. I'd suggest that you not talk the talk until you have walked the walk.
Ron Streetenberger 2
Way to go M.J. Anyone know what a cyberjet is?
Greg S 19
I like how the twitter post says the plane landed wrong "due to a confusion of the lights". The lights were confused, not the pilot.
Always, I mean ALWAYS blame an inanimate object your any failures in life. Sure works dandy for so many others I know, in so many other aspects of life.

Time to go to my "Safe Space" and decrompress.
Robert Cowling 1
Barry Byrne 5
Hah, Polar Air Cargo already did that at Port Harcourt, with a whale
Greg S 4
"Andy, as God is my witness I thought whales could fly"

-- Big Guy Carlson
If I am not mistaken that is what this song is about -
Mark Kanzler 1
Ed Boock 9
Did Turkish Airlines hire Harrison Ford as a new PIC? Asking for a friend.
dkenna 1
I think both pilots used to fly for Horizon...
Willis Steele 4
great tail number TC-LOL
Kieran Ryan 3
Do the landing lights at Port Harcourt need to be made more explicit? We wouldn‘t want this ‚confusion‘ happening again with another PIC.
Jaime Terrassa 3
One can be thankful that no one got hurt the aircraft can be fixed but a life can't be brought back.
ian mcdonell 4
I do not think there will be any confusion about the continuing employment of the cockpit people
vector4traffic 3
So it landed on grass? The landing gear would have dug in...
Michael Wulfsohn 2
Were they both texting?
Jakob Xanther 1
Shit happens, but I like the registration number LOL.
Ian Hickling 1
is there any word how extensive the damage is?
mike SUT 11
364 pairs of undershorts and 2 careers absolutely destroyed....
Bill Butler 4
Laughing so hard the tears are running down my face! Thanks !
SmokedChops 2
"Turkish Lima Oscar Lima heavy, requesting MX with wet-vac to the flight deck, Code Brown!"
Don Quixote -2
Good, another Airbus I won't be flying on anyways.


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