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Canadair CL-201 Starfighter — - 02-05-23
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Canadair CL-201 Starfighter —




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Paul Wisgerhof
This aircraft was designed and built by Lockheed. Versions were built in Canada, but sine this one is in USAF livery, it probably was not built in Canada.
Peter Sayers
I seen this model in 1956 on cold weather trial at Fort Nelson
Serge Sansregret
It's a Canadair...from Montréal where they were built in the fifties.
As a kid they would fly over our summer home in City of Laval now...
Lee Richey
F104 Starfighter. I remember getting to see one up close in the late 50's at an Air Show at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. I asked someone why they had the red plastic covers over the leading wing edge and was told because they were very sharp and could cut you if you bumped into them. Thought that was quite interesting.
I remember this jet very well because it was LOUD. Lived nearby Volkel Airbase in the Netherlands in the early seventies. So during the Yum Kippur crisis in October 1973, it was hard to sleep or not wake up because there were so many flights late evening and past midnight, which was very unusual. Of course, October 1973 was very unusual...
Lee Richey. When working for NASA we had a couple of 104's. Yep, sharp is correct!! Pinning the gear, you learned to do it from aft of the wing. Gas Gussler.......
Wasn't this also known as The Widow maker?
Raymond Powers
Ya, the German pilots called her the widow maker, because they couldn't get through their heads what a F-16 jockey told me: Ya gotta fly fast in the 104...ALL the time. She owned one herself and kept it at McDill AFB.
Michael Cotton
Another great Kelly Johnson design.
Bob Harrington
This is Lockheed-built F-104A USAF s/n 56-0755. Canadair-built CF-104 were based on the later F-104G model with the wider-chord vertical fin/rudder.
serge LOTH
It flew also in Lahr (CAF) (Germany)during cold war; built in Europe by Fiat, MBB,ans CAbca for the German forces. Big scandal avfter 292 lost aircrafts and pilots, ,there was a default in the fuel alimentation system ,but also in the training procedure cause by the German AF headquarters, some generals have bee suddenly driven to retire.. After wards , the GAF didnt want anymore single engine fighters..
Max Jones
I remember those from my days at Luke, AFB way back when we (USAF) were training the German pilots in them. As a controller they were a real PIA to work since they couldn't fly as slowly as the other aircraft. I also remember at our annual aircraft characteristics briefing listening to an instructor pilot explain the limitations of the aircraft and why they had to fly so fast in all phases of flight. I remember his face as he said "a man could stand at the wing and touch the fuselage and wingtip at the same time." It was as if he had just realized "I've been flying a crowbar!"
a mentor
Certainly a fast flyer, heck the stall speed is 160!

American pilots initially called it the "Oh-Four", but when the F-100 Super Sabre began to be referred to as the "Zip-Zilch" (for "zero-zero"), the Starfighter acquired the similar nickname "Zip-Four"; this was eventually shortened to "Zipper" or "Zip".[251][249] Over time this nickname came to be associated with the aircraft's impressive speed and acceleration.

A few normatives:
Maximum speed: 1,528 mph (2,459 km/h, 1,328 kn)
Maximum speed: Mach 2
Combat range: 420 mi (680 km, 360 nmi)
Ferry range: 1,630 mi (2,620 km, 1,420 nmi)
Service ceiling: 50,000 ft (15,000 m)
Rate of climb: 48,000 ft/min (240 m/s) Initially
Lift-to-drag: 9.2
Wing loading: 105 lb/sq ft (510 kg/m2)
Thrust/weight: 0.54 with max. takeoff weight (0.76 loaded)


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