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Airbus A380-800 (G-XLEE) - Speedbird heavy departing RWY 24L behind some beautiful palm trees.
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Airbus A380-800 (G-XLEE)


Speedbird heavy departing RWY 24L behind some beautiful palm trees.


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Frank Vila
Really Good shut Right there, I wish I had at KMCO A380 Schedule Flights. Take care.
Ryan Carson
Wow Great Pic!!!!
Jan JPhoto Uploader
Thanks guys!
Don Ridgeway
Great shot, excellent detail
Superbe photo !
zoom,zoom....nice shot!
Sunil Kurian
Edward Dougherty
Can't add too much to the praise here except to say that the photo is so arresting, even beyond its great clarity, through its precise display the immense complexity, the sort of mid-takeoff ballet, of the wheels retracting, the flaps being modulated, the pitch and angle of the nose, the thrust. 70 critical data points in the first 40 seconds. It's all there. Exceptional pic!
Amazing shot of this stunning Aircraft! WOW!
gautier beau de lomenie
Gary Pace
This looks photoshopped it is so great.
Garry X
Gorgeous pic! What location are you getting to to get this shot? I've spent many hours at the famous In-n-Out area (W 92nd and Sepulveda, 24R). To get this shot, obviously you're at the west end, and between the pair of runways (24/6 and 25/7)? Maybe you just have good equipment with an awesome zoom lens? I'm asking too many questions. :)
Christopher Clark
Absolutely wonderful photograph of an awesome plane. I'm not much of an Airbus fan, however I will say this is an incredible aircraft. Great job. I assume this will be in the running for photo of the year, fer sure.
Gilles Lavoie
Je rêve de posséder un équipement aussi parfait. Mais je doute de pouvoir prendre en photo un tel appareil à l'aéroport de Québec ( YQB )
Jan JPhoto Uploader
@Garry, this was shot from the beach! Taken at 340mm on a Canon 6D.
Higher resolution and EXIF here: http://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/511502/g-xlee-british-airways-airbus-a380/
Wow, great photo!
Scott Duncan
Stephen clifton
beautiful shot got everything
Leandro Vale
Garry X
@Jan J, very nice. Thanks! You certainly have 'the eye', and nice equipment to boot!

Curious. In your avatar pic, is that on the parking deck over at Ralph's? Great overall view of LAX from there.
Joseph Immermann
This is one of the best shots I have seen to date. Keeping the trees in the foreground enhances the impression of the size of the jet and the proximity to the camera. Beautiful shot - framed well, color (time of day) is beautiful. Way to go Jan J!
Jan JPhoto Uploader
@Garry, it was a parking garage in front of the renaissance hotel on my avatar.
Triple seven Flyer
perfect lighting!
Breathtaking. I want it for my desktop!
werner rummens
A real postcard picture, fantastic.
Speedbird SUPER, not heavy :)
Marcelo de lima
Yea wish we had them here at LAS too... really nice format..
Bel oiseau !!!
Like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park!!
Nick Fenton
Wow, was that ever impressive.
Dieter Hamann
Terrific picture, very clear
WOW! 5 Stars!
Legal pra caralho!!!!!
dawozi khan
superb shoot, perfecting great job keepit.....up
Brian Johnson
Thomas Wenzlaff
Ana Archer Nolan
love it
Wow what a gorgeous big Bird, can clearly read tail rego and see air vectoring over engine.. Engine insides look polished good ground crew cleaning..
Darren Merrills
Pin sharp, great shot!
Rachele Tinoco
Awesome pic!!
marilede sala
marilede sala
Donatella Callerio
Magnifico con i colori dell'Africa
john russell
A stunning shot of a great aircraft whilst sunbathing on the beach!
Great shot!
Frans Wit
Big power. To fly with one big adventure.
Jaime Mejia
woow Super...
Had no idea there were Palm trees in England until now.
Ghislaine Robert
Extraordinaire !
Brendan Halloran
Great photo.
Alfredo Erculiani
Excelente toma del despegue!!!
David Sameresinghe
Nice shot
Henry Lara
verdaderamente hermosa imagen
michel charron
Magnificent dawnlighting!
Rob Anthony
Spectacular photo, great lighting. The 380 is truly one of the most jaw dropping sights in the sky!
Andreas Stöckl
Great shot!
Paula Thompson
Good thing there werem't sny geese in those trees.
Paula Thompson
Good thing there weren't any geese in those trees. Great photo!!
Jackson Perretto
Jonah Crosby
I miss tropics...
looks photo shopped
Alekzander Rushelnova-Radova
Amazing I live in Miami and I will be flying a British airways 747 soon In first class in so pumped
Alekzander Rushelnova-Radova
Though I think u found the photo online
Alekzander Rushelnova-Radova
Ellen Quale
Great photo! Thanks for sharing.
Daniel Hirsch
Sylvain HUBERT
C'est le plus beau des avions.Très belle photo!!
Alekzander Rushelnova-Radova
i lov la
Robert Tinsley
2020, the year that practically killed the 380 and the 74s! Forced out before their time!!BEAUTIFUL shot BTW, off iconic 24L @ LAX!!!
Pierre Cantin
Impressionnant !
Nate Tobik
Nice shot!!!
Flew this one from London to MIA the other day, showing her age a bit on the inside with some worn out headphone jacks...but, what a great ride.
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क्या आप 1998 से G-XLEE के लिए पूरा इतिहास खोज चाहते हैं? अभी खरीदें। एक घंटे में इसे पायें।
दिनांक जहाज मूल गंतव्य स्थान प्रस्थान आगमन अवधि
26-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Hamad Int'l () 21:30 GMT 06:55 +03 (+1) निर्धारित
25-नवम्बर-2022 A388San Francisco Int'l ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 21:19 PST 15:09 GMT (+1) 9:50
25-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()San Francisco Int'l () 15:50 GMT 18:25 PST 10:35
24-नवम्बर-2022 A388Chicago O'Hare Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 17:33 CST 06:30 GMT (+1) 6:57
24-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Chicago O'Hare Intl () 11:51 GMT 13:35 CST 7:43
23-नवम्बर-2022 A388Miami Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 18:55 EST 07:09 GMT (+1) 7:14
23-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Miami Intl () 11:54 GMT 16:01 EST 9:07
22-नवम्बर-2022 A388Hamad Int'l ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 15:36 +03 19:43 GMT 7:06
21-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Hamad Int'l () 22:26 GMT 07:43 +03 (+1) 6:16
20-नवम्बर-2022 A388Los Angeles Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 21:29 PST 15:22 GMT (+1) 9:52
20-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Los Angeles Intl () 16:26 GMT 18:37 PST 10:11
19-नवम्बर-2022 A388Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 19:33 CST 09:27 GMT (+1) 7:53
19-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 11:46 GMT 15:05 CST 9:18
18-नवम्बर-2022 A388OR Tambo Int'l ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 22:32 SAST 07:00 GMT (+1) 10:28
17-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()OR Tambo Int'l () 21:50 GMT 10:22 SAST (+1) 10:31
16-नवम्बर-2022 A388Los Angeles Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 21:29 PST 15:18 GMT (+1) 9:48
16-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Los Angeles Intl () 16:20 GMT 18:39 PST 10:19
15-नवम्बर-2022 A388Dallas-Fort Worth Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 19:13 CST 09:34 GMT (+1) 8:21
15-नवम्बर-2022 A388हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा ()Dallas-Fort Worth Intl () 12:01 GMT 15:30 CST 9:28
14-नवम्बर-2022 A388Chicago O'Hare Intl ()हीथ्रो हवाई अड्डा () 18:22 CST 06:55 GMT (+1) 6:32
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