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Ilyushin Il-76 (4KAZ100)
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Ilyushin Il-76 (4KAZ100)



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Nice shot of an IL-76..dang thing had to have the PS-90's on it thou
Alan Wilkins
One of these things has been chopped and doubles as a diner at a theme park and duty free area on the Austro_Hungarian border along with one of it’s engines- bit of a travesty really- but it is startling to say the least !
Leon Kay
Great photo of a great aircraft. Sadly this great Russian aircraft that was produced in Uzbekistan is also observed less since the breakup of the Soviet Union. (Like the Ukrainian produced Antonov An-124.) I was fortunate to observe one landing in South Africa last year.
Helio Bastos Salmon
Great shot!
Don Lynch
I like it.
Colin Seftel
There is a regular service from Cape Town to Novolazarevskaya, Antarctica, flown by an Ilyushin 76 TD-90.
Abdulmoniem Abdulmoniem Altayeb
he color of the crank feels directly in front of the plane ... something super
Viv Pike
OK, Abdulmoniem - I really tried but, sorry, I have no idea what you said there.
Great shot !!!
Greg Byington
Yeah, that's a really nice shot, Danny!
Danny KahraPhoto Uploader
Thank you Guys.
Kazuyuki Taniguchi
What is cool!
good looking !
Thank you good photo
face is look for ice hokey player.
it is a virile transport plane
गतिविधि लॉग
क्या आप 1998 से 4KAZ100 के लिए पूरा इतिहास खोज चाहते हैं? अभी खरीदें। एक घंटे में इसे पायें।
दिनांक जहाज मूल गंतव्य स्थान प्रस्थान आगमन अवधि
26-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownLeipzig/Halle ()Near Bejaia 04:09 CEST Last seen 06:07 CET 2:58
25-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near AlgiersLeipzig/Halle () First seen 18:43 CET Last seen 23:04 CEST 3:20
25-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 12:59 WAT Last seen 13:32 WAT 0:32
25-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 10:22 GMT 11:59 WAT 0:36
25-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownLeipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 04:27 CEST Last seen 06:59 CET 3:32
24-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near BejaiaLeipzig/Halle () First seen 21:16 CET 01:30 CEST (+1) 3:14
24-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 14:56 WAT Last seen 15:32 WAT 0:35
24-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 11:21 GMT 12:57 WAT 0:35
24-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Leipzig/Halle ()Near Tiaret 04:55 CEST Last seen 07:13 CET 3:17
23-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 18:33 CET 23:57 CEST 4:24
23-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownDiori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 13:01 WAT Last seen 13:37 WAT 0:36
23-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 09:52 GMT 11:27 WAT 0:35
23-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownLeipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 03:54 CEST Last seen 06:19 CET 3:24
22-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 19:42 CET 01:02 CEST (+1) 4:19
22-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 12:49 WAT Last seen 13:25 WAT 0:35
22-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 09:19 GMT 11:00 WAT 0:41
22-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Leipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 03:08 CEST Last seen 05:47 CET 3:38
21-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 17:21 CET 22:37 CEST 4:15
21-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 12:35 WAT Last seen 13:15 WAT 0:40
21-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 10:01 GMT 11:36 WAT 0:34
21-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Leipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 03:10 CEST Last seen 06:02 CET 3:51
20-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 17:52 CET 23:25 CEST 4:32
20-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 13:15 WAT Last seen 13:50 WAT 0:35
20-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 09:07 GMT 10:47 WAT 0:40
20-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownLeipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 03:08 CEST Last seen 05:37 CET 3:29
19-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 19:20 CET 00:54 CEST (+1) 4:34
19-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 14:39 WAT Last seen 15:11 WAT 0:32
19-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 09:35 GMT 11:18 WAT 0:42
19-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Leipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 03:09 CEST Last seen 05:27 CET 3:18
18-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Hassi MessaoudLeipzig/Halle () First seen 12:02 CET 17:54 CEST 4:51
18-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Diori Hamani Int'l ()Near Tahoua 07:16 WAT Last seen 07:52 WAT 0:36
17-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownNear GaoDiori Hamani Int'l () First seen 17:06 GMT 18:38 WAT 0:31
17-अक्टूबर-2021 UnknownLeipzig/Halle ()Near El Bayadh 11:07 CEST Last seen 13:27 CET 3:20
17-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Heydar Aliyev Int'l ()Leipzig/Halle () 04:05 +04 07:14 CEST 5:08
15-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near RashtHeydar Aliyev Int'l () First seen 17:25 +0330 18:29 +04 0:33
15-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Madrid ()Near Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan 05:53 CEST Last seen 12:16 +03 5:22
14-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l ()Madrid () 11:41 +03 15:20 CEST 4:38
13-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Near Erbil (Hewlêr)Ankara Esenboğa Havalimanı Int'l () First seen 21:10 +03 22:41 +03 1:31
13-अक्टूबर-2021 IL76Madrid ()Near Ankara 09:11 CEST Last seen 15:02 +03 4:51
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