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Boeing CEO warns climate-friendly biofuels will ‘never achieve the price of jet fuel’

David Calhoun tells transport executives there is no cheap way of decarbonizing air travel ( More...

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patrick baker 4
nice content, but i dislike having to pay for any content on flightaware, for the folks who congregate here are important enough, informed enough, and desirable enough as readers to not have to pay. Instead, any postings flightaware does , in my humble opinion, should come free for just the posted article. If we readers wish to add another paid source, we can choose to do so.
Tom Novak 4
A bit of an odd take IMO. While I very much understand the pushback against forced compliance to green energy initiatives, especially when they haven't reached a stage of maturity to be economically viable; Blatantly dismissing the future possibilities seems a bit irresponsible.
Sean Mathews 1


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