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CO2 emissions may be starting to plateau, says global energy watchdog

Global carbon dioxide emissions are still rising but may at least be reaching a plateau, research from the International Energy Agency has shown. CO2 from energy – by far the biggest source of emissions – increased by less than 1% in 2022. This was despite the turmoil in energy the markets caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The rise is smaller than the 6% increase in emissions from energy recorded by the IEA in 2021, a leap that came on the back of the rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic. ( More...

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bbabis 4
Hundreds of years from now students will read about the climate alarmist period and its destruction of world economies and laugh at the thought that humans felt they could control mother nature.
Jackson Franco 4
PUNY man cannot compete with mother nature. Earth will always win. CO2 are vital to plants and animals and the climate alarmists are fascists trying to control our lives, nothing more.
linbb 5
Watch dog? Wow seems they have problems with there views but this one is right and its been a known fact for several years. But the alarmists over shadow the truth I put more fact into Fox news that the others due to there bias and hiding many true things. Many times its slanted to the left way of thinking not true science. If the USA did nothing about emissions of all polluters in 20yrs it would increase well less than 1%


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