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TSA to conduct additional training after passenger is allowed on a flight with two boxcutters, agency says

The Transportation Security Administration is admitting multiple failures and is instituting alerts to security officers at airports nationwide after a man got through a checkpoint with two box cutters. The move comes as passengers are expected to flood airports ahead of Thanksgiving. ( More...

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Nancy Roth 7
But yet I was practically strip searched in Dulles because of a little bag of extra cash pinned to my bra not enough to even cause a lump. I did that because we were just leaving on our vacatio abd I didn't want $500 in foreign currency in my purse to get stolen. Then at Dublin I was pulled out again because of a hip implant (they only had the old metal detectors istead of new technology). I am so done with air travel.
Kolin Henderson 7
True story..... I flew with the same bag monthly for at least 4 years.... while clearing security in Florida the agent pulled out a Leatherman multitool with knife....full of junk from the bottom of the bag as I had put it in there when I got it ( I used the bag for other things and totally forgot that the Leatherman was in there ) I said to the agent... "congrats! I forgot I put it in there and you're the FIRST one to find it in 4 years ( I remembered when I put it in there ) I subsequently went back out of security...mailed it home.. I was more than shocked it took that is stainless steel ( maybe a reason ??)
Dan Alexander 12
I had a similar experience at SAT. My leatherman was found at the bottom of my computer bag that I had been flying with on the inbound leg and for several flights and months previous. I told the TSA agent he could have it since I didn't have time to go back out and mail it to myself. AGent delcined but I'm sure it was in his pocket as soon as I was gone.
TSA is a total waste of tax $$. They have prevented not 1 event and it is a typical govenrment agency to make the sheep feel good. Millions of people fly, 1 guy lights his foot on fire and EVERYONE has to take off their shoes. Typical gov resonse. 1 person craps thier pants and everyone gets diapers. K9s sniffin everyone as they go by would be more effective looking for explosives etc.
Joel Martin 4
Same thing happened to me this summer in Atlanta. I think the knife was in the bag for 5 or 6 trips in the past.
Kolin Henderson 3
in fairness, when closed up, the Leatherman looks like a rectangle and all the "tools" are folded inside of it...maybe hard to see ?
Good thoughts! Nice to see a positive person giving the benefit of the doubt. We should have a beer sometime...I still think TSA are idiots and your incident (obviously) was a fluke. :-)
Gloria Johns 5
Here are the requirements for becoming a TSA agent. Considering that they are the last line of defense between us and mass casualty, the requirements might be a little more stringent. You must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National and at least 18 years of age, pass a drug screening, medical evaluation, and background investigation, subject to post-employment random drug and/or alcohol testing, must be registered for Selective Service (males born after 12/31/59), must be available to work various shifts and overtime, as needed, and mandatory travel for training and occasional travel may be required. Except for the age 18 requirement and Selective Service registration, kids have the same requirements to work part-time at the mall during the holidays. Just sayin’.
David Rice 2
Ok, what are you implying? That the job of TSA agent requires more skills than that in your list? Nope, it is and always has been a job that requires no skills. TSA agents are absolutely no one “last line of defense” on anything. The people on board the aircraft serve that purpose.
Alan Zelt 13
The sole reason for their taking up space is to keep people off planes with weapons. Not to hassle granny's in wheelchairs. How ironic it should be two boxcutter's, the weapon of choice on 9/11.

More training? Hell no. Fire them.
EMK69 9
So, I must ask Da'ish, Al-Qaeda, Qaedat al-Jihad, a disgruntled employee, etc..would never think of planting a device in granny's wheelchair. Interesting I must have read the wrong playbook while fighting these zealot idiots.

Thanks for the insight I will let CMC know that the Corps is training our Marines all wrong, that we should not be looking for illegal devices on grannies.

You're debate made sense until the 2nd sentence. Too many of my fellow Marines made that fatal mistake. Wished I had a way of posting a photo of a 10-year old walking through our checkpoint with explosives strapped to his chest. It might enlighten the granny lovers out there.

Hassle ALL and let nothing pass when conducting inspections.
Robert Mack 4
LOL, while waiting for my wife to clear at DXB, it was taking forever - two hours later she comes walking through with security. As they were x-raying her bag a 9mm round was detected. No problem for a little 69 year-old grandmother - she had been at her sister’s ranch a week prior shooting and explained it was just a little “range round”- they wrote a report, gave her six-months probation, and let her go. It was good for a laugh (who knows why it wasn’t picked up prior to leaving the US).
Jim Allen 4
I’m with you but let’s be real about it. Station real soldiers at TSA. Nothing outside the terminal enters the terminal, including wheelchairs, strollers, etc.. you get one in the airport and rent one where you’re going. Tell people well in advance to get ready for 6 hours to get through TSA. This guy would’ve caused problems anyway - he didn’t need a weapon to punch an FA. So add a psych screen to that time. You think the traveling public is ready for that? Not a f*ing chance. Yet, that’s the world we live in in cybersecurity and we’ve learned to adjust. Oh, and members of Congress don’t get a pass either and neither does flight crew. That’s going to work out very well. It’s not that I disagree with you - it’s just not a reality. Can the TSA detectors pick up the new guns made on 3D printers? Doubt it.
Dale Ballok 3
Do people really need to be “hassled” to pass a safety inspection?
David Rice 1
Yes, otherwise the inspection is not effective. That’s reality. Of course, if “travel theater” makes you comfortable, fine, but it doesn't make anyone safer.
godutch 3
But my good TSA asskisser, we both know that TSA is shitty at their job. Last I looked they missed like 60% of test weapons (I followup later with statistics) from THEIR OWN INTERNAL AUDITORS! So yes, it's often harassment, because they are incompetent at their jobs and couldn't detect the 'granny bomb' anyway. Their only claim to fame is finding God know what percentage of firearms of citizens who forget their concealed carry firearms in purses or carry ons.
Bill Ross 2
Why don't we let TSA thoroughly review the matter. Fire whom? The trainers, the perps or their supervisors?
pjshield 7
YES to all. TY!
Ray Toews 3
TWO boxcutters OMG.
This is so much bull$%^t. Do they really think passengers will allow someone with a BOXCUTTER to commandeer an airplane.
I think buddy would find that box cutter up one of his orifices' he never expected it.
Thomas Brown 3
Got flagged in Hawaii for film cannisters many years ago. Had them hand checked because they had already had one accidental exposure through the x-ray going out. They were nice and happy to do it, but the exposed set flagged as explosives when they ran the wipe through the GC. They knew exactly what it was, sun-block on the cannisters, but they had to run the cannisters back through anyway. Imagine that, sunblock being used in Hawaii. Supposedly film can take five x-rays before it's damaged, but I found out later that 4 hours at 30k+ exposes you to enough cosmic rays that it counts as one x-ray. So ATL -> LAX = 1, LAX -> Kona = 2, plus one accidental, plus one more, we're at 4. Two flights home = 6. Tadah! damaged film. But I can't really fault the TSA agents. They were apologetic and friendly. Just the policy needs revisiting.
Dale Ballok 4
Seriously??? They didn’t confiscate the box cutters? Inept “security” screening at its best!
David Rice 1
What “travel security theater” didn't make us safer? I’m shocked. /s
MSReed 5
Well, at least they made sure no liquids were allowed on, and they would have found the boxcutters had they been hidden in the passenger's boots. I haven't flown commercial in years, and I don't miss it.
Jim Allen 4
David Rice 0
I hate to burst your bubble, but no one misses you either. Airports are truly crowded enough without you, and you just aren’t that special.
great wildblueyonder 1
Ban all metal. Have passengers walk though an induction heating coil/tunnel. any ferrous or magnetic metal instantly becomes red hot. Alternatively everyone must fly naked. Basically TSA is there to make travel so annoying that people reduce or stop flying. Being Government employees TSA won't mind having nothing to do while still getting paid.
Jaime Terrassa 1
they were paid off
William Robertson 1
Mj Muller 1
The last time I flew I was checked by a tsa security guard wearing a hijab. That was the LAST time I flew. We forget too easily.
TSA has not saved a single life, not one, not ever. They have ruined a lot of days...I think it is spite for their undereducated valueless lives.
FAwareM 1
Your comment is, by far, the most factual comment in this particular thread.
FAwareM 0
Your comment is by far the most factual comment in this particular thread.
Peter McLaughlin 1
NOT GOOD AT ALL! Next to a pilot's job, situational awareness is a must for TSA! There are no second chances!
David Rice 0
What do you mean by “Next to a pilot's job, situational awareness is a must for TSA!”. TSA agents and pilots jobs are not comparable on any plane of existence (pun intended).
Leander Williams 1
The TSA was hastily formed with no REAL training. Almost like the last President's Space Force. Hmmm, now there's a mission for the Space Force. We did not need a NASA clone, so put Space Force to work staffing TSA, and disband the TSA once and for all. The least the Government should do is to be able to give the American people their money's worth.
D Rotten 3
Clearly, you do not know what Space Force IS. And, by the way, they ARE highly trained.....BEFORE SF was even formed.
David Rice 2
Right. Also the supposition that the Space Force is somehow the domain of “the last President” is ludicrous. The Pentagon says to “the last President”, “we want you to create The Space Force”, and then when he does, somehow HE gets the credit? I guess Al Gore really DID invent the internet then, right?
David Rice 0
“The least the Government should do is to be able to give the American people their money's worth.”? Really? You believe that the government’s objective is to be cost efficient? Wake up.
D Rotten 1
Good GAWD!!! How insane!!!! I can think of hundreds of other 'weapons', that ARE 'allowed' on to planes; two of them being.....HANDS!
mmc7090 -1
So much for Equity Diversity you can't fix stupid WOK has flooded the USA with indoctrinated idiots.
David Rice 3
Yes, your comment decrying non-intelligent cooking implements is most enlightening and belies your own lack of appreciation for education.


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