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Mystery as private plane crashes into Baltic Sea

A private Cessna plane has crashed into the Baltic Sea off Latvia's coast in mysterious circumstances. Nato jets were scrambled to follow the plane on its erratic flight which began in southern Spain. ( More...

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emkostiuk 2
Sadly, a good friend of mine experienced similar issues in an SR-22. Lost in the Gulf of Mexico and never discovered.

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btweston 13
No. You’re an asshole and you write like a seven year old.
crbascott 8
That’s an insult to seven year olds!
bdarnell 3
Just another Internet troll. They are a dime (or less) a dozen.
Viv Pike 4
Look at it's profile. A member for 11 years or more. No photos uploaded. No photo comments. No squawks posted. But almost 4,200 squawk comments. Most all of which are negative and derogatory. I just ignore the idiot.
Stine David 0
Not necessary. Have a bad day by yourself please.


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