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Russia's Rostec publishes pictures of Irkut MC-21 with American and Lufthansa liveries

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — Russia's state-owned technology development and production company Rostec has published pictures of the country's most recent airliner under development with the liveries of American and Lufthansa. ( More...

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rmchambers 17
Cute graphic work but I don't see any US airlines EVER using one.
John Turcotte 12
I would not fly in one.
sparkie624 16
What Russia does best... Make bad copies of what other countries have already developed...
Bruce Spears 9
The airlines should sue for copyright violation.
kutsev 4
good luck receiving the compensation
James New 9
This will go down in flames like their Sukhoi Superjet 100. Most ruzzians consider their planes to be flying coffins. This is why ruzzins always clap when the plane lands safely.
Dan Chiasson 1
So I am assuming you have an intimate understanding of Russin culture and beliefs and feel comfortable speaking on their behalf? Somehow I very much doubt it.
sparkie624 2
You don't have too... Look at their History and their Safety Record (Or the Lack There Of)!
Dan Chiasson 2
If one is attempting to speak on behalf of Russians (ref: Most ruzzizns (sic) consider their planes to be flyig coffins" one should either back that up with facts or simply stay quiet. Your point of their history of aviation safety is a different topic than the psyche of Russians. That said, I am interested in the topic and am hoping that you have data to back up your statement.
sparkie624 1
History Speaks for itself!
Aeroflot Flight 012
Aeroflot Flight 065
Aeroflot Flight 217
Aeroflot Flight 411
Aeroflot Flight 498
Aeroflot Flight 593
Aeroflot Flight 821
Aeroflot Flight 1492
Aeroflot Flight 2808
Aeroflot Flight 3352
Aeroflot Flight 3519
Aeroflot Flight 6502
Aeroflot Flight 366
Alrosa Flight 514
S7 Airlines Flight 778
Sakha Avia Flight 301
Saratov Airlines Flight 703
Seaboard World Airlines Flight 253A
2002 Shelkovskaya Mi-8 crash
Siberia Airlines Flight 1812
Siberian Light Aviation Flight 42
Siberian Light Aviation Flight 51
Skol Airlines Flight 9375
Smolensk air disaster
Stavropolskaya Aktsionernaya Avia Flight 1023
1950 Sverdlovsk plane crash
Need More: (just for Starters)
Dan Chiasson 4
I am certain an equally impressive list of non-Russian crashes could be produced. Transactional data means little unless it is put in context and harmonized. Let me help. The number of deaths per 1,000,000 miles flown when the aircraft in question was built in Russia would be interesting and then comparing that to others such as the number of deaths 1,000,000 miles flown when the aircraft in question was built in the USA or the EU. I am not saying that one is better than the other but a simple list of transactions does little other than emitting emotion.
sparkie624 2
Check out " Russian International Airlines flight 593" - Capt's kid in the cockpit. Hit the yolk by accident, changed the A/P mode, Crew Failed to notice, Flew plane right into the ground! Did never realized what happened. If they have been trained correctly on the plane, they would have known what had happened. Violation of Sterile Cockpit at its best, Crew following the A/C and not flying it... There are 100's of more incidences of this.. Just look them up! No country is Perfect, but Russia has more than their fair share!
Dan Chiasson 2
All I am suggesting is that any grandiose generalization statements should be based on facts that are fair. And let the cards fall where they may. A single transaction, nor emotional bias, supports such generalized statements but look forward to your full review.
DracoVolantis 2
I have to agree with Dan here... As for anecdotal evidence, I recall one news article where two Northwest Airlines pilots got "distracted" and missed their landing in Minneapolis ( ). To infer from one incident that it reflects the whole industry of a given country is just bad reasoning. I have no high regard whatsoever for Russian's aviation safety record, but Dan's point that opinions should be backed by fact makes sense. The issue here is not Russian's safety record, but Russian's people's perception. Just sayin'
Neil Ward 1
Hit the yolk by accident !, didn't realise they had eggs in the cockpit !!
SkyAware123 0
What are you ? 5 ?
Neil Ward 1
Someone with a sense of humour, which you apparently lack !
SkyAware123 1
That's not humor, you need to look up the definition of humor. Well, it might be found under 5 yo humor.
Seems like if I was the CEO of American there would be a trademark infringement lawsuit on the horizon.
Tim Dyck 2
Good luck collecting a dime from the Russians.
David Restrick 6
Clever promotion ploy, but it's an ugly plane.
Dan Chiasson 1
To match the dog's breakfast that is AA's paint scheme!
Bill Kessinger 6
I will never fly in any Russian copy of anything. Have trouble flying in Airbus products.
SkyAware123 2
cuz boeing has such an incredible track record lately..... lol
Dan Chiasson 3
hahahaha. Touche!
Gerhard Hiemer 1
They should never show up in the free world and any reports must be avoided!
MSU Sparty -2
American Airlines would be the most likely to buy these. Everything they do is 3rd world
Bill Kessinger 3
American flys very nicely equipped aircraft.
sparkie624 -2
LOL.. ERJ145's that they just took more of that are about timed out and are maintenance hogs!
paul trubits 3
Two ERJ145 flights from KSBY to KCLT go over my house at about FL300 every day. Should I be worried?
sparkie624 1
Not unless you see Parts flying over! I was supposed to take a flight on one a number of years ago... Went through 3 ERJ145's!
1st attempt - 1/2 way down the Runway had a Bleed Duct Warning - Aborted
2nd Attempt - 1/2 way down the runway, Fire Warning - Aborted
3rd Attempt - they first had to service the lav, I told the gate agent, they do that from the outside and the crew has to close to timing out... She dismissed it, they finished serving and everyone loaded up as they announced, "This flight has been canceled due to Crew Time Out"
4th Attempt - Next Morning, took a CRJ700 and had no further issues.
Dan Chiasson -3
BS and nothing but noise, Why is this even being posted??? Mickey mouse editorial move IMHO. Common "boys" , , , , you can do better.
Tim Dyck 2
If your not interested in the post you can always scroll on by. This isn’t Facebook were people have to turn everything into a rant.
Have a great day.
sparkie624 1
It just shows how big of loud mouths they are.. Neither American or Lufthansa would ever consider that plane... More of a Joke!


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