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'Multiple' fatalities reported after 2 small planes crash in Watsonville

WATSONVILLE, Santa Cruz County -- A crash involving two small planes attempting to land at Watsonville Municipal Airport appears to have resulted in "multiple" fatalities, according to the city. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said a single-engine Cessna 152 and a twin-engine Cessna 340 collided while the pilots were on their final approaches to the airport. One person was on board the Cessna 152 and two people were on board the Cessna 340. ( More...

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Frank Ch. Eigler 5
track of the C340
Christoff du plessis 5
Condolences to all involved
BayAreaAviation 3
Unfortunately had to witness this accident. So scary and easily could have been avoided. 180kts on short final with gear up is not normal.
mary susan watkins 3
how tragic for those in the crash and their could have been a multiple number of reasons for the crash..leave it to the investigaors...
Jack Herstam 3
ADS-B data from the C340 shows multiple flights around NorCal over the previous days, all of which have more normal approach speeds than the ~180KTS of the accident flight. So whoever flies the plane (if it is indeed the same person) doesn't make a habit out of flying 180 KT approaches. Also looks like the plane was being guided by (at minimum) a lateral autopilot for most of the flight. I wonder if there was an emergency, incapacitation, etc?
Sean Awning 4
Untowered airport, high wing vs. low wing, possibly just didn't see each other.
ffrcobra1 5
The 152 saw the 340 and was going to go-around, but he couldn’t get out of the way fast enough because the 340 was doing ~180 KIAS on short final.

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ffrcobra1 5
Yep, this know it all troll has been working at the airport on GA planes ranging from 152s to business jets for 35+ years. And flying them/flying in them for longer. I’d comment further but I have to go take a wing off a Learjet for a 12,000 hour inspection. Go back to your rocking chair and have a nice nap. Maybe it will improve your people skills.
Torsten Hoff 4
You could have simply checked the ADS-B data linked to by Mr. Eigler and saved yourself having to write a snarky response.
Etienne Daniels 1
RIP. In another tread people want to install transponder and ADS-B in and out in gliders, like some countries already do but in this case it did prevent an accident.
Dan Boss 0
The fault is the hot dog C340 pilot, as ADS-B data shows him on short final at 180+ kts. The C340 has a gear limit speed of 140 kt, so what the heck was this idiot doing on short final doing 40 kt above gear limit speed? Vref (approach speed) for the twin should be around 104 kt. (stall of 78 x 1.33 = 104)

See details here: (Blancolirio channel)

evidence shows the twin was approaching way too fast, even for either flaps or gear deployment - and the ATC audio tragically reveals even the student in the 152 decided to go around because the twin was coming up his rear really fast. "I'm gonna go around because you're coming at me pretty quick man" were his final words.
Brian Johnson -2
Did the 340 land on top of the 152?
bentwing60 -5
A 152 can't catch a C340! RIP to those, family, involved and pay attention to Karyn's Report, they thin the herd every day.
bentwing60 -2
So, have you morons figured out that you all downvoted an accurate observation yet? The 152 was trying to get out of the way of a buzz job idiot!
linbb -9
Really? Did you read what you wrote or just trying to post some dumb statement meaning NOTHING?

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