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Republic Airways Requests Exemption From 1,500-Hour Rule To Address Pilots Shortage

The airline industry has been worrying for many years about a possible upcoming shortage of pilots to fly all the aircraft needed to cover the networks of all carriers. With all the “baby boomers” approaching their retirement age, it was feared that there would not be enough new pilots to replace the ones ending their careers, as training programs are becoming increasingly expensive and requirements to step onto the seniority ladder in the cockpit are getting stricter. ( More...

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Highflyer1950 5
Yep, pilot shortage for sure…….known about this for decades now and not much has been done to alleviate the problem. Better have stricter guidelines in place such as “no” upgrades to Captain until a minimum numbers of hours on type has been accomplished ie; 3,000 - 4,000 especially if you are going to place 800 -1,000 hr. wonders in the cockpit, again?
aurodoc 7
We are doing the same thing in medicine. Cutting surgical training by 1-2 years. They should have enough experience to operate safely. NOT!
bentwing60 2
I suspect the upgrades will come as they Master the Magic buttons as it takes some actual flight time to really figure out what it is all about!
saso792 2
As stated, the airlines have known for years that this was coming but have refused to pay starting first officers a living wage. In my opinion, for what it is worth, this has been and is the biggest cause for the shortage of new hires. People, especially those with families, can't afford to live on what a new hire pilot is paid.
Kevin Keswick -3
What is the sudden cause of the pilot shortages? Is it the result of all the pilots who were fired because they refused to be injected with an experimental drug to keep their jobs? Is it because of pilots losing their medical certification because they agreed to get the experimental shot and as a consequence became injured with myocarditis - a severe injury to the heart?

A solution to this problem for US airlines is to hire back all the pilots that were fired because they rejected the jab and if they are still short they should look north because a lot of Canadian pilots got fired for rejecting the jab. They are not only qualified but they are healthy.
mary susan watkins 1
because of the flight cutbacks due to covid,all of the airlines were offering early "buyout"and early retirement packages..they were NOT firing pilots..these were offered to ground personnel and flight attendants as well at the time..if you dont remember, the government gave monetary assistance to the airline industry in order to keep them from bankruptcy and laying off people..flight crews are required to get vaccinations of all kinds, as are military personnel because of where they travel..your logic and your statement are incorrect,respectfully..
patrick baker -3
the unvaxed pilots, if hired back, would be having to call in sick while they have covid symptoms. The vaxed pilots do not have this happen to them.
Highflyer1950 2
Exactly……..Funny how “we” didn’t complain or walk off the job when certain countries of the World & our own Employing Airline Required vaccinations to even layover there? TwinRex & Gamma Globulin for Hep A B & C, Polio, Typhoid, Yellow Fever and meds for Malaria, Dengue Fever? If the top job on your resume’ list is to aspire be a freight dog driving a PC12, C-208 around the USA then fine, don't get vaccinated? Ps. no offense to midnight haulers, a necessary, hard way to get the time in on your journey to the left seat of a Heavy. I can still remember doing Hand Flown certified Cat2 approaches 30 years ago, without a HUD. I wonder how the pilots would fair nowadays?
Andy Bowland 2
Probably because they worked!?
Andy Bowland 1
Which airline fire unvaxed pilots?
ADXbear -1
I think under the circumstances this is a reasonable request! The FAA is going to have to address this problem. I still think a captain must have X amount of hours, say they must have 2000 hours of. Which 1000 was in part 121 transport aircraft!
The other thing that might help is allow pilots to fly until 70 based of very vigorous medical exams, every 6 months.


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