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Hawaiian Airlines will be the first major air carrier to offer Starlink internet

Your next flight to Hawaii might come with speedy in-flight internet access. CNBC reports Hawaiian Airlines has signed a deal to offer SpaceX's Starlink service aboard all its Transpacific flights. Fly aboard an Airbus A321neo, Airbus 330 or Boeing 787-9 and you'll have free, relatively low-latency WiFi that should be quick enough to stream media and play online games. Hawaiian will start deploying Starlink broadband with "select" aircraft in 2023. There aren't any plans… ( More...

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chugheset 2
Agreed. I've been on the waiting list for 9 months and the last notification I received is Starlink "MAY" be available in my area by the end of 2023.
Michael Scallan 2
A better use for Star Link would be for transmission of ADS-B information to the respective tracking facilities via the ground system while flying across the oceans. This would alleviate the Radar Altimeter problems as ADS-B has GPS data from the aircraft, and radar altimeter data would then be a backup system for the aircraft when in transitioning from en-route to airport tracking and guidance. This is a simplistic explanation.
Nicole Chiavacci 2

mike moseley 1
Why is there always the "low latency" hype that only matters to multi-player gamers. What are the guaranteed data rates and availability metrics? Seems Starlink never publish those numbers.
Steve Ortiz 1
I cancelled Stàrlink làst month after waiting almost 2 (?) Years for my kit. A local cable company upgraded their system ànd reached out to me to offer 200 Gbyte service for $70 a month. No reason to hold out for Starlink, now!
avionik99 1
"Your next flight to Hawaii might come with speedy in-flight internet access"

Yeah, thats correct, if you plan on your next flight being later NEXT YEAR!!


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