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1 of 2 Black Boxs Recovered From China Eastern Crash

China officials have found one of the two black boxes belonging to the China Eastern Airlines plane that crashed on Monday, an official of the aviation regulator told reporters on Wednesday. It was found at the crash site about 20 feet from the resting point of the cockpit. Hopefully this will shine light on what happened. Please keep your thoughts and prayers for the victims and the families. ( More...

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Steve Brown 2
Does anyone know why we still have these black boxes? Why isn't the data transmitted to satellites, and immediately available to the inspectors?
Shenghao Han 4
What if radio or satalite transmission failed before crash? How would you make sure data is not tampered with in any shape to mask the true cause?
Most importantly, the infrastructure is not there. Aircraft can be a very isolated system to prevent someone hacking into them like in the movies.
Ryan Hodges 2
Telemetry data is microscopic in size so it would be very easy to do over existing networks, and storage is nothing, even for the volume of data and flights we have. I think it comes down to security and knowing that only that box holds the truth and cant be tampered with. Anything transmitted is prone to hacking and if it can be done, it will be.
Highflyer1950 2
I imagine the cost to continuously transmit over 100 parameters from each airborne commercial aircraft 24/7 would be prohibitive, not to mention short term data storage?
sparkie624 1
Too much data needed too often..
Mike Webb 1
Probably the lack of will to do it is the major stumbling block. Technically I fail to see the problem, especially when you consider the staggering volume of absolute rubbish transmitted and stored over radio/TV/internet etc every second.
sparkie624 1
I hope they find the FDR Soon... that will tell the entire story of what happened!
Julius Thompson 1
You need both Black Boxes to get the whole story, FDR tells you what the plane was doing; whereas
the CVR will tell you what was happening inside the cockpit with the crew and how they sought to solve the problem/s.
mary susan watkins 1
there was a videp posted from a security camera in the area,showing a large, plane like object falling straight down from the sky..reports indicated that was the aircraft that crashed..this was horrific as it appears the people and crew had no chance as the plane plunged..there also did not appear to be an explosion associated with the video..


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