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AE Flight 3829 diverts due to smoking bag in cargo

American Eagle flight 3829, operated by Envoy Air with service from Piedmont Triad International Airport (GSO) to Chicago (ORD) diverted to Indianapolis (IND). WRTV reported that smoke was reported in the cargo area and that crews recovered a smoking bag, possibly caused by a battery, that no passenger has claimed. ( More...

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Cleffer 4
I wonder why they tell you not to put those batteries in your luggage?
bentwing60 2
NBAA has been all over this from the get-go!
wx1996 4
sparkie624 2
Nobody has claimed it... I wonder why? Doh!
houseofgold 1
The bag was tagged, should they not know the owner on AE3829??
sparkie624 1
In Theory, but it could have broken off, or it could have been a plane side check in and they missed it not having a tag. Many times rampers are not the Brightest bunch around a/c
roman fedotov 1
easy solution. Make it a felony to check a lithium ion battery, charges are attempted murder of everyone on board. Thatll make people remember to put their Ebullshit in their carry on
sparkie624 1
I doubt it... Everyone always thinks that it won't happen to them.


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