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Sensational New Finding For Mh370 Flightpath

In a sensational development in the search for MH370, aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey has discovered that after following the coastline of Sumatra the Boeing 777 was put into a holding pattern for 22 minutes before proceeding south. Mr. Godfrey is using a revolutionary new tracking technology called WSPRnet to track MH370 which it is hoped will lead to a new search. ( और अधिक...

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JW Wilson 8
That is impressive tracking technology.
Jim Welch 7
I just hope that the families finally get the closure they deserve.
Bill Sanford 10
Not easily impressed by much anymore, but this is quite the exception. Well done.
John L. Sullivan 4
The where is sort of inconsequential at this point it is the who and what were on board, and who would want to get rid of them that is the real and continuingly important question.
James Harris 2
What would we do without these brilliant people
Reginald Caton 2
Sounds odd. With all the focus on this disaster why wouldn't ATC records be the first to be checked?
Jon Horner 4
ATC data was checked, but the flight appears to have deliberately avoided ATC tracks.

This is using data recorded from other sources and triangulating the aircraft in four dimensions using advanced simulations and calculations from at least three software engines. It mentions the couple satellite pings that this new simulated route matches up to, but that was all the data that was recorded via conventional means, after the last ATC contact.
James Simms 5
william baker 0
Hiding under a rock hoping this will pass LOL
Ian Hamilton-Smith 1
She will be found, but where?
JW Wilson 9
I suspect where this flight path and the drift from the ocean currents coincide will be the starting point. Then there is the drift from the surface to the bottom which will be widely varied the deeper it is and how well the fuselage remained intact upon ditching. It will be found, like the Titanic, eventually.
srobak -1
On Mar 8th of 2022 it should appear on the scopes and radio in for landing clearance.
Michael Penney 2
Craig Good 0
Oh, geez. This again?

Not so sensational.


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