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This United Flight Shows Why Weight & Balance Matters, Even For A Mainline Jet

Passengers on small planes are used to being moved around the cabin when the plane is less than full for “weight and balance.” This is really about the balance portion of that phrase, because if weight isn’t distributed properly throughout the aircraft it may be difficult to control. This is usually less of an issue for larger aircraft, though calculations still matter and can even affect upgrades. ( और अधिक...

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Roger Anderson 3
Here already
linbb 1
I think that AC model was supposed to use a tail prop to prevent that.
linbb 0
So the crew didnt follow instructions from the mfg about loading and unloading that type of AC. Oh well dumb crew on that flight. Weight and balance for flight is different than loading one not the first time its happened either. Load a C207 wrong and it will do the same.


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