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Wright tests its 2-megawatt electric engines for passenger planes

Just like the automotive industry, aerospace has its sights set on going electric — but flying with battery-powered engines is a tougher proposition than rolling. Wright is among the startups looking to change the math and make electrified flight possible at scales beyond small aircraft — and its 2-megawatt engine could power the first generation of large-scale electric passenger planes. ( और अधिक...

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geroldn 3
That is the point of research! You can't solve a problem by saying its impossible so don't even bother to try.
linbb -2
This gets old the big problem isnt so much engines as its the weight of the bqtteries required to get it off the ground. Until then its not worth posting about.
sparkie624 1
The Batteries are going to be a BIG issue in regards to Weight and Range/Duration.


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