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How Much Is A Boeing 747-400 Worth In 2021?

While the Boeing 747-8 never really took off as far as passenger operators are concerned, the same cannot be said about the -400. While it has slowly been phased out of most passenger operations, over 400 -400s were built with passengers in mind. But with the youngest passenger -400s now over 16 years old, how much is the jumbo jet worth in 2021? ( और अधिक...

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travistx 14
That's a lot of words to say "$5.6 million".
Dennis See 5
A priceless piece of history.
Thomas Francl 3
This article only tells half the story. One needs to compare current value to the purchase price. Divide that difference by the number of years of service. Only the individual airlines know what that answer is but this community could get a pretty close estimate. Did the 747 enable Boeing and the buyers earn a profit for them?

Personally, I loved the 747 and am sad to see its demise. Hated sitting in the middle but that was rare.
CDBrozovich 2
Maybe Boeing could convert one into a VRBO and do laps around the Puget Sound?
It's about hours in the air.


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