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How Much Does It Cost To Paint An Aircraft?

Every aircraft needs several paint refreshes, or new liveries, during its active life. This is important for protection, performance, and airline branding. How does this happen, and how much does it cost? ( और अधिक...

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joel wiley 1
Paint is cheap. It's the labor for prep and painting that drives the cost.
emkostiuk 2
It depends on your definition of "cheap." Some of our paints can run as high as $1200 per gallon. We recently repainted a 208B for a gent on the East Coast who wanted it a certain metal flake added to the mixture of Sherwin Williams...that cost him around $1800 per gallon.
joel wiley 1
And I am fairly sure that the crew that did the prep and paint were paid a bit more than minimum wage. How many staff hours went into that paint job? That is what I meant by paint is 'cheap'.
Thomas Craig 1


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