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Check Out These Shots Of The B-2 Spirit Refueling From a KC-135 After The Super Bowl Flyover

The B-2 Spirit was part of the first-of-its-kind trifecta flyover during the National Anthem performance at the LV Super Bowl. ( More...

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Barry Witte 15
Considering that the first two digits of a US military aircraft's registration number is the fiscal year it was bought, we are celebrating a 27 year old B-2, a 34 year old B1B and a 61 year old B-52, all refueled by a pair of 60 year old KC-135s. Who says we don't get our money's worth out of these assets?
SkyAware123 -5
You're making it sound like they don't cost any money to operate and more importantly MAINTAIN.
Barry Witte 7
Nope. Not my intention. New or old, training, operation and maintenance costs are present. My point is that we have made a great investment in these platforms, and in these specific cases, we certainly have got our money's worth. I could say the same about the A-10, E-3 and others, but the topic of this article is the three bombers.
Worth every cent.
Doug Parker 11
Don't feed the trolls. I'm replying at the root level because this applies to multiple comments here *and* across multiple answers or articles.

I love this forum's brilliant humor, the on-target replies, and its high SNR.

Dis(miss) the trolls with downarrows, ignoring them and hiding their bait. History has shown they'll get discouraged and move on to find some other forum to infect, putting us out of their misery. ;-)

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.
Terry Meyer 2
SkyAware123 did not even disagree; instead he pointed out a detail that legitimately deserves its due.
There was a time in this country when reasonable people could disagree without becoming the enemy. Not sure who is the troll here.
Yep. Yer a hate monger troll...I bet you even have read "Cat in the Hat"......

Doug Parker 0
I'm, in general, dropping an L-bomb (love) to remind people *to remind others* not to feed the trolls. If you agree, please do the same, because, respectfully, that's how healthy, friendly society works, although trolls disagree. If R>2.0, its message will grow exponentially, to borrow the virus growth model reference with which we're so familiar lately.

Your "time in this country" time period you're referring to is temporary. We'll get beyond it, but only with enough work, consciousness, and awareness to get us all to that next level. However, trolls being trolls, they're apt to keep taking us off our marks, thus my adding my reminder to *not feed them,* ad infinitum. Do the reminding here, and also in all of your other friendly, healthy, human forums, too. IMHO, a lot of us need to be carrying this banner.

It's circular and recursive, making it really hard to explain, even in educated, polite company. ;-)

Everything is changing, change is hard, I *did* read "TCITH," it has not affected my ability to engage in friendly-but-spirited-yet-respectful-disagreements.

I once again return you to your regularly scheduled program, still in progress.
So, you did or did not read Cat in the Hat? :-)
Heatseekerws6 4
Not to take away any of the 'cool' factor from this dissimilar formation for the Superbowl, but it was hardly the 'first-of-its-kind' type flyover with these particular types. This also occurred during EAA's AirVenture in 2017 when 'the bombers' theme was being celebrated. The demo they put on was pretty neat.

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Just go away a..hole.
Dave Mathes 2 you actually give any thought to your posts?...

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Disgusting excuse for a citizen. Fake patriot.
RECOR10 -8
Wait, did you smile when Oshitbird apologized to Japan for Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Hell, should have carpet-bombed Toyko with "atom bombs" (then again, we should have carpet-bombed Iraq and Iran as well). Fact is, if you are American and you are not PROUD of our military - you are an idiot. The United States is only what we are with the backing of our military might - period. China, for instance, is well aware.

Shame that so many men in my family (Marine and Navy pilots) have to fight for idiots who do not appreciate it.
Bill Butler 2
Having been there, Navy air, but same needs, I will tell you that that was not a boondoggle. Even the refueling was training. Try it some night, getting the lights right and not being distracted by the world below. Besides, they were not at optimum altitude for a good time period. I didn't open the down voted remarks. Didn't need to. You naysayers need to take a breath and look at this great country. Great because of men/women like these. (and why do people make such a fuss about a woman driving a big plane? Sheesh)
War monger :-)
Am I wrong to be surprised that a strategic bomber out of MO needed to be refueled during a flight to/from Tampa?
jptq63 13
My guess, while the flyover is for show, somebody says we got a way to get in some training time....
jptq63 3
Forgot to add, I would think if it was really a need to re-fuel, why take the risk of an aerial re-fueling when there are plenty of bases very near by (heck, bombing range even..?) where you could land, get a meal, and watch the game.

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Dave Mathes 3
...guess that answers my previous question....
So, our military is not supposed to train? That has worked well for other (former) nations and regions since the dawn of man.
mbrews 4
Perhaps the mission planners wanted a lighter fuel load at flyover, to improve maneuverability and enhance safety factor ? Only a guess. Also, avoids carrying a full load of colder (winter Missouri) fuel down south to warm, humid skies of Tampa.
SkyAware123 3
I was surprised too but it's probably for training purpose. It can probably fly back and forth with no refueling, especially with no load.
padrooga23 3
Possible that it was a demo, rather than a need?
Tom Quinn 1
Richard I can't remember specifically but I was looking at the B-52 on ADSB Exchange and that aircraft had been in the air for hours before the flyover.
Amazing shots!! Thanks for sharing.
Dave Nosek 2
Next year I'd like to see a flyover of all of the Transport aircraft including the KC 10,135 and 46. Without them none of these aircraft would have the global range they now enjoy.
RECOR10 -4
Sir, obviously you are a hate monger, warmonger and despise Mother Earth ;-)
There was a girl behind the wheel of the B-1 that day. Kudos to her.
I meant the B-2.
SkyAware123 15
I doubt it. Pretty sure it was a woman.
RECOR10 -1
I bet it was identifying as a dude....
paul trubits 3
You meant a woman flying. The other fliers were not boys either
Craig Scott 2
ericabb 1
Am I the only one who thinks the second picture of the fueling B2 looks like a stingray (the animal, of course)?
chugheset 1
It notes in the article that the flyover occurred during the National Anthem. Thank God Mark Cuban does not control the Super Bowl or we'd never get to see any flyovers.


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