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American Airlines responds to video of pilot threatening to 'dump' passengers in Kansas

American Airlines has issued a statement defending the actions of a pilot who said he would "put this plane down in the middle of Kansas and dump people off" if they didn’t behave on a flight leaving from Washington D.C. on Friday. ( More...

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Jaina Brown 71
I live in Kansas. I prefer that rude, unruly people be dropped somewhere else.

When one checks in, one agrees to the contract of carriage. When one is disruptive on the plane, in any manner, one is in violation of the contract of carriage. The airline has the right to kick that passenger off the plane. Period.
Doug Parker 5
@Jaina Brown cuts accurately and quickly, right to the core. IMO, most people are clueless about "carriage" and everything it entails.

Heck, *I'm* clueless about it all....
robin cooper 6
preferably while still in the air???
Bob Jordan 5
Preferably at 40,000 feet...
Could drop them in Massachusetts - nobody will know the difference!
Peter Fuller 0
“....drop them in Massachusetts” : that’d take a pretty big deviation from an IAD-PHX flight plan.

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Michael Lacy 1
How does Toto feel about this?
FlightSeer 31
I wouldn't know about any of the legal or "following employee rules" aspects of this instance, but I - apparently as one of many- praise the pilot for standing his ground for the safety of all the people on board.
Tim Smith 11
I do agree with you. He is the Captain of the aircraft, and as such has complete control.

It's when comments by some (these people, one agrees) on the forum make political comments that the comments go off the rail.
Mel Globerman 107
The pilot did the exactly the right thing! This situation could have easily become physical, and a real hazard to everyone on that flight. If after being told what to do by the crew, if there was no full compliance, they should be ejected from the plane as soon as possible, arrested and charged for their actions. Further, they should be held liable for all expenses incurred by the airline due to their actions!
MSReed 52
The no-fly list needs to be expanded with people such as these, and it ought to be enforced. This type of behavior continues because there have been no consequences for it, beginning at the top, and it only will get worse unless it's stopped.
How about giving a fantasy thought to enforcing size limits for carry-on baggage?
twschmidt4 5
How about stop charging for baggage then people would be less likely to use over stuffed carry on.
Different subject. Not related.
Different subject.
Tony Tsui 1
They should be blacklisted and banned for future flight. Hopefully there is a data base for all these unruly people so they cannot fly anymore period. They can still drive. Like LA to NY for a job interview.

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Bruce Horwitz 34
yes, as in "people such as these passengers who don't follow the instructions of the FA's or are disruptive to the other passengers"
21voyageur 14
Agree with Scott Hawthorn. Being an ()*() does not provide any passes on generally accepted appropriate behaviour. On an aircraft no less. Too much testosterone, narrow minds, all possibly fueled by alcohol is a formula for disaster. Which is what happened in Washington on the 6th. Well done to the crew to put the ()*()s in their place. Could the yahoos even spell "respect"? Just wondering.
Harold York 3
I agree with Dan - banning alcohol on planes and airports would be a good first step. After all think about how much more civil the 1920s were
Scott Hawthorn 18
OK, we'll call them by their real name: assholes.
JJ Johnson -9
Does that include Muslims and Blacks also Comrade?
Why would you ask that stupid question?
Harold York 2
@glpowercruiser - I notice you didn’t answer the question. You just gave it your Orwellian “stupid” label. However, “Omission is admission” so readers of this forum should now assume you do want to “no fly” all sorts of long as YOU get to set the list.
Rick Himrich -1
Patricia Lewis 48
Good for the Pilot. He has the responsibility for everyone on that aircraft.
jmilleratp 72
This is EXACTLY how it should go. As PIC, the safety of that aircraft is your responsibility. If something happens, the FAA is coming for you. So, if you have to draw the line and hold it, that is what you do.
mariofer 12
People are just acting dumb looking for the next viral video on social media and then demanding an apology and a free ticket from airlines. I took 4 flights this week and the things I saw people do is just beyond comprehension. I am glad airlines are beginning to push back on people trying to hold them and the rest of their passengers hostage.
linbb 39
The way things are going with peoples actions I would have welcomed it. The riots have shown what happens when people start mob violence.

It was a threat to everyones safety so dont understand what problem the pilots announcement caused.
wiztom 19
Don't make me stop this plane!
stacey go 6
Dang Thomas, you beat me to it!
stacey go 6
Too bad the pilot couldn't reach the passengers over the back of his seat with the back of his hand. Not enough STFU and STFD in this world
R Jolly 9
So were the pilot's words just a rap on the knuckles or did the disruptive passengers face any further action like being debarred for flying again with American?
Jim Mitchell 17
I'd like to know that as well. American Airlines should at the very least ban these idiots from using their aircraft in the future.
i will say,good for that pikot! it is his responsibility to assure that all passengers and crew get safely to their destination,without incidents,threats,chanting or whatever else they might want to do..and yes,to require they wear masks per regulations..this was not some kind of MAGA charger after was a scheduled commercial flight...
Greg Daley 35
They should be thankful he was willing to land first.
Sally225 13
Yea, really......I say, open the door and push!!!!!! Idiot people.
That was my thought, lol, “I’ll dump you out at 35,000 feet!”
Lois Lettini 4
AMEN to that!!
Robert Molnar 15
Right on for that pilot
As with the other article, ( ), no-fly lists should be shared industry wide. ). The pilot should be applauded for his action, and the passenger arrested and charged at the destination. It seems that there is a new need for air marshals on every flight.
Wingrat 16
This is a public conveyance,conduct is necessary for flight safety. .
Captain of the craft is in charge. If one doesn’t like the rules on the ticket try walking. Or getting arrested after
Landing and going through that educational experience. The BIg MOUTH wow must live in la- la land.
The unruly person or persons should be required to pay the cost of such a incovient landing. No mask no ride. Having worked for the public for to many years I just try to avoid “those”kind of disruptive people.
Ray Sundar 0
Unfortunately we don't have a law that permits Airlines to stamp on the terrorists forheads that they are "TERRORIST" They do camafloge themselves like you and me. It applies to other temperaments of people too.
Tom Bruce 9
big divisions among us... but...there's a time and a place....
jeff slack -3
Completely correct; however, those divisions are clearly going across racial origins and a new race war is being instigated under the guise of a stolen election. These USA,USA,USA people are not patriots they are puppets.
Tom Bruce -6
so are the "people of color"...we all are just pawns in their game
lc1948 7
Tom Pera added to TSA world wide travel ban for life plus ten (10) years. Restricted to Grayhound bus or 1968 Datsun in his rental trac housing complex.
wiregold -2
People need to realize the RNC and DNC are private corporations. THEY pick the candidates we vote for.
Two of the biggest mobsters on the planet run those corporations, Adelson and Saban.
lc1948 5
Adelson colored hair and all just left the building...
Have you recieved your Knock and Talk from the FBI, yet?
mark47950 4
When I first read this, I did so in the voice of my uncle, a TWA Captain decades back. He did not put up with any bullshit.
bobinson66 4
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I have heard that on military aircraft, the pilot, or Captain of the vessel, becomes the single highest authority on the aircraft even if he or she is out-ranked by passengers on the plane. For instance, If a passenger on the plane holding the rank of General is on a C-130 and tells the pilot holding the rank of Major to fly 600 feet over his kid's high school football game, the Major is well within his rights to refuse.

These kinds of rules flow through to the civilian aircraft world too, do they not?
Tom Heatley 5
Pilot is the final authority about safety of the flight.
WhiteKnight77 2
That would depend, or at least from my point of view as former aircrew. Pilots flying the helicopters I crewed may have needed ATC permission for landing, but they still couldn't without my approval as well. Need to pick up an external load? Follow my directions to get over the load. Want to land in that small space? Again, follow my directions or trim trees.b ;)
Tim Dyck 4
It doesn’t matter what side of politics you are, if your disruptive and refuse to follow the rules you do not deserve to fly. When on a plane with a lot of other people keep your politics to yourself, keep your voice down and follow the damn rules!
100%. They had better defend his actions.
patrick baker 13
the captain rules when in command, and a bit of tough command/love is acceptable. The threat to drop someone off in Kansas ought to quiet down nearly every hulligan. Kansas: it is every bit as bad as you have heard........
Kairho Carroll 19
"Don't make me turn this car around!"
William Hix 3
James Driskell 10
Let 'em get out and walk!
Dan Grelinger 6
Hey! I'm from Kansas. The pilot must have actually been suggesting a reward! Kansas is a wonderful place.
Paul Miller 11
I loved that PIC for saying that to the Noisy Rude & Stupid Passengers on HIS plane, stick them down at ICT and see HOW they would have got out of that place.
jim hanson -4
If the Captain REALLY wanted to punish the rowdy passengers, he should have threatened to put them down in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, or any other liberal land where they wouldn't want to be! (smile)

Perhaps Minneapolis--in the middle of a riot?

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Dan Grelinger 3
Such a well-thought out, educated, non-threatening, inclusive and decent comment from a representative of the political side that knows better than the rest of us.
jim hanson 8
I'm sorry, I didn't KNOW that this site was exclusively for left-wingers! (That's SARCASM--for the humor-deprived)

It IS true, isn't it--that these right-wingers would rather be ANYWHERE but in the liberal cities mentioned?

Living in libbie-land would be the WORST thing anyone can do to them.

As an aside, I WAS an airline Captain--and stilll fly jetports, helicopters, gliders, seaplanes, and balloons--so I DO respect the sovereignty of the "Pilot in Command".
Leonardo Lage 5
Very civil way of slapping someone without a hand.....Well done Mr. Hanson!.
Craig Good 3
If you have a plane full of toddlers throwing tantrums you just might have to threaten to "pull this thing over".
We are no longer living in the Wild West. People need to act civilized or pay the consequences.
Tyler Cippen 6
The pilot did do the right thing, but didn't have to release anger on everyone
Yes, he did.
claireparr 6
The Pilot was quite right! What makes those people think they have the right to misbehave on an aircraft!!
Sally225 3
mickey hines 4
Good on the pilot and good on American. Noting against Kansas. It is just a long walk to anywhere from there!
mbazell 5
Time to crack down on unruly and dangerous passengers. An aircraft is not a subway train.
I completely agree and should include those who pass gas on the plane as well... who farts in a closed space?
Tim Dyck 1
I do. Do you expect people to hold it in on a 10 hour flight?
incadrv 1
Especially when the reduced atmospheric pressure makes gas expand. Your colon might explode. ;-)
incadrv 1
It's called HAFE. High altitude flatus expulsion.
Pete Putnam 2 least he planned to put the plane down first. It could have been worse!
Brian Wilkes 2
fair enough!
Greg Cotten 5
The “No-Fly” list should be shared across many Industries. No Starbucks List, No Rental Car List, No AirBnB list, etc.
JJ Johnson 3
I have been on several rowdy drunken flights to Vegas. How come they don't dump them in Kansas?

O,I forgot they are not all Trump supporters and white males.
Just4mep 3
Lol... Act like five year olds, get treated like five year olds.
MJ Frank 6
Good for the Pilot! To be honest, he should have really landed in Kansas then have the airlines send these MAGA idiots the bill for fuel and time delays!
jim hanson 3
How do you know they were "MAGA"? You can believe in Make America Great Again, without being a "Trump supporter". For many of us, we see the NEED to "make America Great Again"--to reverse the failed policies that led to downfall.

Yes--someone that fails to heed flight attendant direction DOES need to be "dumped In Kansas" and not be allowed to fly--but that shouldn't apply to anyone that you happen to disagree with, as long as they are following the rules--and we need to face the facts--far less than 1% of the people that went to Washington (by ANY means) caused no harm (62 arrests, according to preliminary records--only 14 arrested were inside the Capitol building--the rest were outside on the picket line.

That's a pretty tame "protest"--especially when you look at the damage caused by this summer's rioting. To label the people on the plane as MAGA idiots is disingenuous and dishonest.
Aside from you hanging your maga hat on the wrong guy, I agree with some of the rest. But let's not forget what a problem the far right radical groups are to this nation. They are and far worse, more dangerous than the left.
Raping and pillaging of our most sacred national shrine, attempting to take over the gov and kill heads of state is in a single even quantum leaps worse that all Summer events combined.
You are on the wrong side of this. (I'm not a leftie)
Watch for more arrests. FBI is on the hunt, rightfully so.
patrick baker 3
i love it when somebody who can not even spell "law school" tries to frame a legal arguement, but this one is truly ignorant. Yes, members of a mob performing trespass, criminal assault, property damage of a federal building, armed in the District of Columbia where that is frowned upon, those folks are not part of a tour of the halls of congress on a guided tour. Each has committed one or more breaking of federal laws, and how they got there and how they go back to their homes has nothing to do with charging any airline, bus line or train service. A few of these folks commited murder as well
wiregold 1
The actions in DC had nothing to do with the Captain warning disruptive passengers. The airline is responsible for its passengers and the Captain did the responsible thing.
rdlink 2
Damn. I've got to start paying attention to the urls in these squawks. If I'd have seen this was linked to a Faux News article I wouldn't have clicked it. Can't you find a real news outlet that published an article on this story?
Jim Mitchell 4
Yes Fox should be investigated as well over their perpetration of False News.
Jim Mitchell 2
Yep put the boots to these thugs
As it should be.
WhiteKnight77 1
I don't care what side of the aisle you claim to be on, if you distrupt a flight, the captain has the right to put you off the plane, whereever he (or she) so chooses.
Lois Lettini 1
IF this problem continues (unruly passengers), people will be afraid to fly. I don't think airlines want that to happen.
Peter Sayers 0
Down to 12K, open door, dump unruly pax, then resume flight.
cyberjet 0
Give 'em the DB Cooper treatment - minus the parachute.
Sally225 0
That's perfect!!!!!!
Jim Mitchell -2
better at 10K for those onboard
Peter Sayers 1
we always put the superchargers in high blower at 12K, you could still smoke at 12K, but that was a long time ago.
Karl Riggle 1
I agree with Bob Jordan....without a chute
Shocker7777 0
Mel and MSReed, were you on this flight? If you were then comment away, if not then shut your pie hole. If chanting USA is wrong, then go live somewhere else like China or North Korea,I am sure this pilot would enjoy returning to his mother land.
Marilyn Tully 0
The Public is obnoxious. I’m glad the pilot did that.
Dan Grelinger 4
Are you part of The Public? If yes, then I agree with you.
Don't follow the rules, you don't get to fly. Simple as that.
Harry Venison -2
I was going to click the link until I found out it was Faux news. No thanks.
mnajar7717 -5
Thats why I fly Southwest. Never had an employee of a company, a service that I pay for, act like I owe them!
You don't follow the rules, they do.
Kent Heaton -3
Wow! American airlines is a perfect example of intolerance and the precursor to communism. Silence the people. You people claiming this was a safety concern are really out of touch.
wiregold 0
The first amendment doesn't apply while flying.
Dan Grelinger 1
Or while walking, running, eating, drinking, pissing, breathing, or speaking, obviously.
It is well past time to pull your head out, Dan.
Dan Grelinger 1
glpowercruiser is a hacked account. No posts for a decade, and now 10 posts on this single thread. And comments are just disparaging others, nothing positive added.

Move along, no risk of anything intelligent being added by that hacked account.
glpowercruiser -1
You inspire the rational adults to call you out.
Dan Grelinger 1

I appreciate interaction with rational adults!

Are these 'comments' (not mine, I can't take credit) rational?

"Why would you ask that stupid question?"
"Have you recieved your Knock and Talk from the FBI, yet?" (misspelling was the original poster's not mine)
"So, you are saying you are 12. Got it."
"It is well past time to pull your head out, Dan."

I'll leave it to the rational adults to decide if these comments are any more rational than mine.

So, enough of your deflection... Back to the topic of the post you were intending to respond to...

I'm truly curious, why did you create a FlightAware account 12 years ago, not 'contribute' a single comment for 12 years, and then decide to honor us prolifically with such rationality (12 times in the last 12 days)?
So, you are saying you are 12. Got it.
Peter Sayers 0
No , I am saying decend to 12K feet, eject pax, back up to cruse alt.
Tyler Cippen 0
um hi
CharlesRamsey 0
Regardless of aircraft, number of passengers, circumstance...Unruly passenger behaviour is a threat to Safety... & since in Aviation Lore PIC has Ultimate Responsibility for any flight...KUDOS to this Pilot! We need MORE like that!
Dan Wagoner 0
Why wait till March?
Shocker7777 0
Mel and MSReed, were you on this flight? If you were then comment away, if not then shut your pie hole. If chanting USA is wrong, then go live somewhere else like China or North Korea,I am sure this pilot would enjoy returning to his mother land and bringing you with him.
well said Robert Moinar
rbt schaffer -4
CON AIR ..... or is that Don Air

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wiregold 3
The first amendment goes not apply while flying. Do you know what a mask is?
Another thing you have been lied to - Antifa were NOT the stormers. Pay attention.
clecman 2
Tony, you really ought to stop sniffing glue. It makes you believe all kinds of things. So it was Antifa now that stormed the capital? Why not little green men from Mars? Oh yea, that’s not what infowars or ONN or the entertainment portion of Fox want you to believe. Wake up man...
Marilyn Tully 0
Let’s just stop with the antifa crap OK? Everybody knows who those rioters were. Trump lovers and cult followers.
Dan Grelinger 0
An analysis of all credible news sources would indicate it's not either-or. Sounds like both types were involved.

And I agree with you. I wish antifa would stop their crap, too. They have shown that they are much more violent and dangerous than their opposite counterparts.

[This comment has been downvoted. Show anyway.]

Mel Globerman 4
Doubtful, because they (airlines) were not aware if they were involved and had been charged!--


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