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COVID Positive EVA Air Pilot Fired After Infecting Two Other Pilots And A Local Woman In Taiwan

A pilot from New Zealand flying for EVA Air Cargo was fired after it was determined that he infected two co-pilots and a Taiwanese woman due to his negligence to follow safety protocols. ( More...

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wiregold 9
Australia (NSW) just saw a spike in new cases and the primary source has been aircrews not practicing guidelines. Many social media pics of aircrews wandering around when they are supposed to be quarantining. Thanks airlines, for keeping your pilots in check.
WhiteKnight77 8
If one cannot follow company rules, then if shown the door, there is no room for complaints. In this pilot's case, I wonder how easily he will get another job flying. As already asked, if he was willing to break health and safety rules, what other rules or regulations is he breaking?
Paul Miller 8
Nice Pilot infecting others like that mmmmmmmm, he got what was coming to him.
Maybe he did not think the virus was real?

At first, I was thinking he did not know and got fired after the fact. After reading the article, he willfully broke all the safety protocols, which are not all that difficult to follow. Makes me wonder what other safety protocols he is willing to break. Yep, he got what he deserved.
Tim Dyck 3
The pilot was fired because he did not follow policy. He knew the company policy, he deliberately failed to follow it and his employment was terminated.
We have had discussions at work over this. Because we work with airborn hazards that can kill you outright or cause health issues that will make your life a living hell we take respiratory protection very serious. The first step in protection is identifying the hazard so let's look at that. SARS-CoV-2 is an airborne virus between 0.1 and 0.2 microns in size so to protect against it we need a fully fitted respirator with a filter capable of stopping viruses of that size. A HEPA H10 filter would guarantee protection but is hard to move air through so we would need a PAPR system which is expensive and impractical for most people so medical grade N100 would offer reasonable protection at an affordable price. So how many of those advocating masks are actually wearing a fully fitted respirator with an medical grade N100 filter? If your not then please get off your high horses, your no better then the people not wearing masks.
Now having established that are cheap ineffective masks an issue worth fighting for? Are they worth dividing our society over? People keep saying trust the science, well I just showed you the science and medical journals like the Lancet have repeatedly pointed out that cheap paper and cloth masks offer little or no protection so let's quit trying to destroy other people's lives over them. We should be a society that comes together in a crisis but instead all I see are people fighting and arguing and dividing into sects based on false ideology.
So should he have been fired? Yes! He failed to follow company policy and weather that policy is right or wrong following it is a condition of employment.
Should we be ostracizing him or trying to destroy his life? No! He has done enough damage on his own so let's just move on.
Cibrut Turbic 3
Nobody is questions or praises filtering abilities of specific materials. But real strenght of even common one-use mask is that they significantly limits distance to which your breath and its contents travel, that's main point of wearing mask. Why do you think that surgeons and their operating assistents in operating rooms are wearing face masks? Think about it. Now, when we have cold weather, go outside and breath out, like you would do normally. Observe visible moisture from your breath, how far it will travel. Now take just piece of dense cloth or even face mask, put it on and breathe out normally again. I believe difference should be obvious.

Have great day.
Tim Dyck 1
First off surgeons don’t wear cheap paper or homemade cloth masks, they wear disposable N95 respirators. And doctors, nurses and others working with COVID19 patients wear even more efficient respiratory protection.
Now if you really want to test your mask try this experiment. Light a cigarette, or if you don’t smoke recruit someone who does. Once lit put on your mask then lift it enough to take a nice long drag on the cigarette, hold the smoke in and adjust your mask then exhale normally. The particles you see in smoke are actually bigger then the SARS-CoV-2 virus so what you see excepting through and around your mask shows you just how ineffective it is. If you wish to test your ideology and actually try this experiment it will be obvious that cheap paper or cloth masks cannot stop a virus.
Have a nice day.
joel wiley 3
Obtaining effective N95 masks is a problem in many places. I agree that even the N95 masks do not stop all virus particles (in or out). What the do, and to a lesser extent less effective masks is to reduce the viral load passed. Reduced virus load may reduce the intensity of infection. That makes were masks, regardless of effectiveness, good things to wear.
Not to mention social distancing and staying the &#^*$ away from crowds.
TristansDad 1
With all due respect, that's not what the CDC says.

Plus it seems obvious that even though the virus is 0.1 microns in size, it's not being expelled by itself. It's being delivered via large droplets from your respiratory system and a mask would stop those.

I mean, I don't know who you are, but I doubt you have more evidence than the CDC.
Tim Dyck 1
I were a mask were required but I also know enough about respiratory protection to realize those cheap paper and cloth masks people use will not protect them from an airborne virus. If people are willing to turn on one another and try to destroy people's lives over a mask that will not do the job it's intended to do then this is indeed a sad point in time.
Rex Bentley 2
The overton window. How easy to manipulate people
patrick baker 1
getting fired- no question. Being publicly identified so as to make it unlikely he gets another flying job anytime soon- good idea. Being run through the courts system where he can be cited and prosecuted- very good idea. No judgement, no feeling about others, no common senses- pilots are supposed to have these in addition to being able to control the aircraft...
Mike Williams 1
For all who do not wear masks (at least), I wish you the best. And do not deserve it.
The Taiwan government fines hime NT$300,000 (US$10,000) and fines EVA Air NT$1,000,000 (US$33,333). However, since he got fired, the airlines may have to pay the fines for him as well.
Why not tell us his name so that others who may have had contact with him can take precautions. What was the nature of his contact with the Taiwanese women? Any pics of her and is he married? Inquiring minds want to know!

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Tim Dyck 3
He was fired for not following the company policy. Weather he agreed with the policy or not is irrelevant, following policy is a condition of employment and he should have known that.
Philip Lanum 2
Covid-19 killed more people in November than the "flu" did in the 2019-2020 season.
joel wiley 0
'Tell a lie big enough and often enough.....' You mean like widespread, massive voter fraud.
Covid is unlike the story pushed by a certain politician. 320,000 Covid deaths as of a recent counting - that is fact-based.
Tim Danaher 2
If you don't think there was voter fraud then you must have voted for Biden. I really don't care. What I care about it I watched what Obama did to the country between 08-16. Biden is going to do more of the same and you want to sit there and bad mouth Trump then it just shows where you stand. I don't think Trump did a bad job especially when every time he turned around someone was attacking him for something. You don't like Trump that is fine but I thought this WAS/IS suppose to be a page about aviation and aviation news! NOT another page of people arguing over politics! There are enough pages for that and if politics are going to be discussed then I am on the wrong page!
joel wiley 2
You are quite correct, the post to which I replied was off topic and my reply failed to return to aviation. That said, I have read myriad court filings asserting voter fraud. I read the cases in MI, WI, PA, GA including both what the Plaintiffs and respondents filed. They included the accusations of fraud. When asked by the judges, if the Plantiff attorneys were alleging fraud UNDER OATH, they repeatedly said NO. I found no supported allegations of fraud.

And returning to aviation, I think the company was fully justified in terminating the pilot,
Tim Danaher 1
It is sad that he would put co workers in danger like that. When I thought something was wrong I got tested but the state I am in took 5 DAYS to get back to me. I actually was feeling better so I went in right before I got the results and ended up on the shelf for 2 weeks! Unlike the pilot I got out of work with a mask on as soon as they told me the news. Most cargo companies if you do test positive just want you to stay home they will even still pay you both of mine did, luckily!

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joel wiley 4
Your post reminded me that the difference between ignorance and stupidity is that only one of them is curable.
What a load of trumpian bs. Go away idiot.
patrick baker 4
it is too bad that ignorance is not naturally painful, for this blurb of utter nonsense is far too often repeated, by similar dunces, to the detriment of all the rest of us with respect for facts and science, Go in peace, just go away from me,,,,
Tim Danaher 1
So what your saying is be in fear of a virus that has a 99.4% recovery rate? I mean yes the virus is real I know first hand, but it also depends on your age and other health factor has far as how it affects YOU. I have talked with co workers who have had it also and many of them all have different symptoms but I have yet to hear about someone getting all of them. Usually it is 2 maybe 3 but like they said it last about 2 weeks then just kind of disappears as fast as it came on, like a common cold. I feel bad for families that have lost people to this virus but you can't hold a industry or try to hold a economy away for too long. What about the people who are not lucky enough to be able to be working ad have to watch as bank accounts, 401k's, and other sources they might have been saving for retirement are destroyed because they are not allowed to return to work? So might say why I say lucky, because would you want to be told you have to sit there and watch as you lose your house, car, and everything you worked so hard for to a virus that has a 99% recovery rate? So say whatever you want about this post or whatever I have first hand knowledge of this virus, so if you want to debate about how "deadly" it is I am willing to take that debate.
Michael Meyers -5
Maybe he believed Trump and believed the virus is a hoax


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