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Airbus redesigns A350 cockpit center console

Airbus has officially overhauled its A350 cockpit control panel, following earlier reports of engine failure caused by the aircrew’s spilt beverages. ( More...

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leery1 7
Sounds like an old movie to me.
Tim Duggan 7
It is a movie. 1964, "Fate is the Hunter". Surprisingly good, though haven't seen it in a long time...
That was my immediate thought too, Tim. My persona is quite a bit like the movie's Captain. I never let my wife watch it. I'm not sure she even knows the movie exists. Better that way.
boughbw 5
This is why, when I'm making any major purchase, cup holders are my primary consideration.
jptq63 5
Well, at least they are trying to make some corrective action(s) to reduce risk, and that in my view, regardless of how silly and scary a spilled drink could bring down the plane, is better thing than just saying SOL. Maybe they put some desiccant bags under the panel as well....
Nolivfr 9
So now we know Airbus planes don't like Water/liquids being spilled :D (Like the A220 problem)

But come on, It's common sense, I don't put coffee/tea cup on/near my servers/keyboards/switches/routers in my datacenter, heck, beverages are even forbidden, I have to leave the room if I want to drink something.
John Addison 4
Personally, I found a saucer to be perfectly satisfactory.
David Beattie 1
A saucer? What’s a saucer Pops?
You know alien like the flying type, young man :)
Tim Duggan 1
Well, usually we call the Primary Hull of most Star Fleet starships the "Saucer Section"....
Highflyer1950 6
Ever hear of lids?
Torsten Hoff 10
Or sippy cups. Someone needs to create an adult version for airline pilots and long-distance truckers.
Highflyer1950 7
ya, I had a rule that the cup should be no more than 3/4 full and I always used both hands when the F/A handed it to me. Some aircraft had better designed cup holders than others, but there’s nothing worse than white caps in your coffee other than wet pants. Standard kit was bacteria killing wipes, crew bottle and tide-to-go not necessarily in that order!
bentwing60 7
Freight pilots had to pour their own!
jptq63 2
Who brewed it or was it just instant?
bentwing60 5
Brewed at home base by the dispatcher, and each airplane had a dedicated thermos bottle with an N # on it. Replenished at the FBO's that would let us in the door in the middle of the night because we bought 'contract' fuel. That is not a misprint! I could name a couple, but, nope, no pecking order in the aviation bidness.
Tim Duggan -6
Kinda stupid, since not EVERY A350 has an N # .....
bentwing60 7
Kinda stupid cause' if you don't realize how small the Lear Jet freight community was in 1988, I was part of it, and if you can't follow the thread and read the tea leaves, then the inside joke is safe!
Contigo makes them, they sell for about $10 at Target and Wal-Mart and places like that. I have one, it has saved me from at least a few mishaps at work.
mbrews 1
- Some US based carriers MANDATE the use of sippy cups on the flight deck. Not sure about non-US carriers, nor whether some crews unwisely remove the lids . A related issue : some pilots report that the cup holders on A350 are undersized, leading them to use the center console as a "makeshift table".
They couldn't just make the panel water-proof from the start?
termigrator 3
Well, at my employer, eating and drinking at workplace is prohibited, although it is only an office job.
JR Lazar 2
Bigger cup holder??
Peter Ashby 3
Imagine the situation in 2020/2021...." Beverages, ?!* , you mean to say they get drinks upfront, just wait till the fare paying passenger s down the back get to hear about this!"
paul gilpin 2
i still like the photo of the A380 flight deck with the caption, "still not as complicated as a woman".
TPG0103 1
Evidently my husband is now qualified to be a pilot! The cup holders in his BMW are quite large yet that doesn't keep him from holding his sippy cup full of coffee in his right hand, lidless, while driving. I appreciate all of you real pilots out there! Thank you!
Nathan Cox 1
The first rule of beverage passing (should be mandatory IOE training) is to take the cup and pass it to the pilot on the outside shoulder as to not EVER get close to spilling it on the center console. It also happens to be where the cup holders are on most jets anyway. Problem solved! :D
Highflyer1950 2
Airliners, no problem.....corporate jets not as easy. Good point however.
Well, after finishing up with an ISO QSM Audit, this is fitting. CAPA and RCA.

Glad to hear that the planes were able to safely get out of the situation. And also glad that Airbus is addressing the issue.
Bill Butler 1
Torsten Hoff: there are sippy cups out there. They're called YETI :)
David Beattie -2
These incidents could have killed hundreds! They should ground the whole fleet and make Airbus go through an entire certification program from scratch!
termigrator 1
Grounding the complete fleet is a possible reaction. But: it may also be cheaper and more effective, and also quicker to implement, to ban the shaky pilots of Delta Airlines from drinking from open cups in the cockpit.
Tyler Cippen 0
I personally think YOUR ALL WRONG!!! JK love u guys


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