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Boeing CEO pledges a 20 percent increase in black employees

Boeing talking about Closing service lines laying off trained workers but has fallen victim to pressure to hire on the basis of skin color. Where does this end? Promising to hire Transgenders, gays, vertically challenged (midgets)? When you already have quality issues, you might look in that direction first. ( More...

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Paul Miller 7
I HATE what seems to be happening in our world these days !!! EVERYBODY MATTERS and not just one race against or over another ??? Prove to me that a person can do the job I need to have done ? and I don't care IF they are White Black Yellow Green or Blue.
matt jensen 1
White, Black, Yellow and Red - that's all the Creator made.
Ric Ben 4
If the Boeing CEO Calhoun doesn't focus one hundred ten percent on the real issues affecting his company and current employees, his PC action on ALL future employees will be meaningless.
linbb 9
Sad for those who have worked there for years and now face the movement to hire one race over anything else. I suffered over the years with wage problems and also hiring too due to quotas or just because. There has been plenty of chances for those who didn't really qualify to get hired over the years. So this is just another line of BS created by the cancel culture of social media.
Iain Girling 3
How about hiring the right person for the job, irrespective of race, sex, colour or creed. Anything else is divisive, possibly racist and downright wrong.
matt jensen 3
You can't do that in America anymore - it's all affirmative action or quotas. We hire based on skills, knowledge and have done so since the beginning. I have never told the managers that they had hire someone based on a quota.
Rohit Rathor 0
While I agree that in an ideal world we should hire the most qualified person regardless of any other factor, unfortunately, we live in a world where some groups simply have less opportunities than others to get to the same place in life. K-12 schools in black communities are consistently underfunded, meaning that even from kindergarten, a black kid in a public school system simply has had less resources than any other group and is less likely to succeed in getting into a good college and secure a good job. This is just one of many examples of adversity that people of color specifically face in society.

I'm all for hiring the right person irrespective of race, sex, color or creed. But only if the system provides everyone in this country with an equal opportunity to succeed -- and right now it doesn't. I don't know whether the right solution to that is through just increasing black employment, but as of today, if we hired regardless of race, it is not a coincidence that white employment would be significantly higher than any other group -- and something needs to be done to address giving everyone an equal opportunity to succeed in society.
Disagree with you 100%. Having spent 28 years in the Marine Corps we are equal in all our job skills. The color of the man/woman does not enter into any factor. During combat, we all bleed, yes including me, red. I have buried many a fellow Marine and never once thought of their social/economic background only if they can measure up to our 14 traits as Marines. Not one Marine ever walked into my office saying pitty poor me because I could not get an education due to the area I grew up in.

IF any member of these areas you spoke about joins the military establishment to better themselves they all have equal opportunities to make something of their lives. Very few of us came from upper class and joined many of us struggled through HS and into College and NOT ONE damn person ever gave me an opportunity I earned it through sweat and blood to get where I am at today.
Jim Quinn 1
Having worked in public schools from time to time I can absolutely disagree with you from the start. Black kids are given every possible break for their inattention, violent behavior, truancy, disrespect, hostile threats, etc. However, I am convinced that it is not in any way based upon their color. In fact I see the same traits more and more in kids of other races. I will say as I've said for years: "It's NOT their color; it's their CULTURE." BLM and antifa actions we're seeing today is the result of the last few generations of culture or lack thereof. It certainly is not a lack of opportunity and hasn't been for years but rather a culture of "I deserve this!" and "I deserve that!" It's time for this to stop. I've had two close friends who had to train their minority replacements and then were fired to achieve racial quotas for their company. Subsequently the company's customer service from those positions/departments went to hell in a handbag. Boeing is perpetuating this craziness. Again, I firmly advocate hiring for the skills, not the skin color, and hope that the culture changes.
Rohit Rathor 1
Interesting perspectives, thanks both for sharing. Agree to disagree, I guess, but I hear you on the frustration of how this could increase divisiveness within the company.
ed lang 7 definition, this is racism. Pure and simple. Just substitute "white". As in, Boeing pledges a 20 percent increase in white employees. Shame on you, Boeing. How about "...pledges to hire the most qualified employees to boost quality control"???
Agree. Mostly meaningless as they are cutting staff like crazy anyway.
sparkie624 2
Isn't Reverse Racial Discrimination.... Should be not be hired on Merits and Qualification and Not Race....


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