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Nikki Haley resigns Boeing’s board in protest of coronavirus aid package

"I cannot support a move to lean on the federal government for a stimulus or bailout that prioritizes our company over others" ( More...

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Roy Troughton 11
Those of you posting asking why Ms Haley didn’t have the integrity to resign over the 737MAX problems. She only joined the Boeing board in May 2019. The aircraft had already been grounded in March!
Paul Tillotson 14
Thank you Nikki Haley. I have been involved in aviation for over 65 of my 80 years. I love it, I support it, but there are limits. My hat is off to you, great integrity.
And then they'll cry foul over the EU doing the same for Airbus
masollfrank 4
yes you said the correct thing
Temple Brown 3
That's what you call "Integrity" and from a Politician, a "Unicorn" who knew?
Scumhook 1
The only difference between a politician with integrity and a Unicorn is that we've not proven that Unicorns don't exist...
ImperialEagle 9
I completely understand. Too bad more of our politicians don't have this level of integrity and convictions.

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godutch 2
ffrcobra1 7
A political type still with at least a modicum of integrity. Good to know.
jhakunti 4
Bravo for her. This level of integrity is what we need more of in this world. I support this.
krjeffcoat 5
If she indeed does have aspirations to run for President, things like this can come back to bite you when the media and your opponents start turning over rocks. I have a feeling this may be more motivated by clearing her background rather than what is best for Boeing, as a board member.

We'll never really know.
ffrcobra1 2
I’m sure it’s best for Boeing if the government gives them lots of money. I can’t think of any business or individual that wouldn’t be better off with more money.
mbrews 3
- I applaud this move. Nikki has integrity to oppose the "nodding head" board members who draw the BIG director fees. The spineless ones, who merely applauded Muhlenberg and his MBAs during the entire MAX debacle. Can stockholders clawback the board fees ?
bigkahuna400 3
Outstanding !
sharon bias 3
Nice to see an executive stand up for what they believe. That's in show supply now.
Mike Lynn 1
Ms. Haley's leaving the Board only highlights the situation: "Is Boeing too big to fail?" Like the GM bailout a few years back, we are faced with the dilemma of possibly swallowing some very bad medicine. We all recognize from the MAX debacle that the culture of the company had changed where the bottom line was more important than creating a perfect plane that was 100% safe. On the defense side there are projects that we would not like to see fail for reasons of our national defense but at the same time have turned out to have major problems like the KC-46 with $300 million overrun.

Maybe to approach Boeing as a over-sized company that needs to reorganize not unlike AT&T back in the 1980's. Boeing being spun into several different companies brings up issues like economies of scale they may realize in their current integrated state. However as a condition of getting a bailout, they need to be confronted to explore the possibilities of a radical breakup to make the operating units more nimble. There's a lethargy and complacency that has set in that needs to be addressed in some fashion, and right away. Let's not just throw money at it without exacting some promises of meaningful change for the better.
Richard Tarr 1
Brilliant governor of SC her crisis management is amazing and was responsible for Boeing coming to Charleston.
Tipped by many to be the next president of USA .She doesn’t take fools lightly and the inept Boeing board have lost the only person capable of turning round Boeing .
Excellent ambassador at the UN .
A sure bet to be a major politician in the future
Hiflyer421 1
She’s thinking of her political career down the’s just that simple.
Pa Thomas 1
But, hey, when it is time to hand out a few billion to save the rest of the airlines.....we will hear crickets from her.
First why is Haley on Boeings Board of Directors, what does she know about Aerospace and Military issues, oh wait she facilitated the substandard Boeing factory to be sited in Charleston SC where there was very little aviation expertise. How is her unqualified board position any different than Hunter Biden’s board position with Burisma?
The big difference is she was present when Boeing spent 43 Billion dollars buying back stock and rewarding incompetent management of which she was one.
Rico van Dijk 1
The airline industry is a big money maker in good times. I think it’s only fair if the government lends a hand in the bad times. Not per-se for these companies, but for all the people, directly and indirectly employed in the industry, and their families. In reality most of that tax money goes to their salaries so they (we) can continue to pay the bills. It also dampens the onset of an economical crisis as a bonus.
godutch 1
Rico, the 'airline industry' is nearly always in debt and more often than not, loses millions. Maybe you mean the airline MANUFACTURING industry? Or maybe the cargo airline industry...certainly not the people movers...
Rico van Dijk 2
When I look at a local scale in the Netherlands, Schiphol airport and the connected industries are the main source of income for the country (Rotterdam seaport being the second). The airlines make a marginal profit in good times, still the government has bought interest, and is now providing government aid to pay wages for unemployed people in the industry (pilots, engineers, tug drivers, duty free fragrance shop keepers, cook of the crew meals, etc) to keep the whole structure from collapsing. So if the world turns back to normal in a few weeks, that structure is still in tact and people can go on with their lives. So with airline industry, what I really mean is air transportation as a whole.
godutch 1
there is more to this story than just a haley is a "political" person,and this is not a reason to applaud her..why did her "integrity" not make her resign after all of the max 737 issues?flightaware is not a political forum however,so that is all I will say..
Roy Troughton 6
Ms Haley joined the Boeing board in May 2019. She had nothing to do with the MAX. Do your homework first
Why did her "integrity" not make her resign after all of the max 737 issues?

Might be because she wasn't on the board yet...
Roy Troughton 2
She only joined the Boeing board in May of last year. How could she possibly responsible in any way for the MAX issues?
You are repeating exactly what JMARTINSON wrote.
I wished she'd oppose Trump for nomination :}
Ric Wernicke -1
Miss Haley was a wonderful Governor and served with distinction in the Trump administration, but she does not understand the first rule of capitalism:

If someone wants to pay you, take the money!
BS! Boeing is in deep, deep trouble and she was looking for a way to get out and this gives her political cover.


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