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Boeing says it will take ‘several quarters’ to return 737 Max fleet to the skies once grounding is lifted

Boeing Co. said it will take “several quarters” to return the global 737 Max fleet to the skies following a grounding that has left about 700 planes on the tarmac. ( More...

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Chris B 4
I feel for the employees of Spirit and other parts manufacturers.

There is a backlog of over 100 completed fuselages waiting to become aircraft sitting in railroad sidings around Washington and elsewhere. Boeing wont be building 50-60 aircraft a month from day one.

Its going to take weeks or even months after Boeing restarts production before Spirit will be able to rehire its employees and restart their production line.
Don Quixote 0
Spirit will start slowly building more this year.
the hobbs 12
I'm starting to think you don't actually read any of the articles you post.

The only thing the statement says is that it is going to take some time to get ALL(700+) of the stored aircraft delivered to customers as well as supporting aircraft that have already been delivered before ramping up production again.
airuphere 5
Funny that how the user written summary skews the article.. happens with a few posters
John Nichols 3
The Comet and Electra had tough starts, the Electra still is flying. The MAX is a keeper. Sloppy design and sloppier planning doomed the two that crashed. Had their been a type rating required, likely two loads of poor souls would still be breathing.....Boeing deserves everything it is getting.

wingbolt 3
I would imagine that the calendar is still ticking on maintenance items as well as the engines being in some state of preservation. With that in mind I would hope it would take some time to return them to service. The thought of airline aircraft running out of inspection by calendar probably doesn’t happen very often.
Richard Tarr 2
It’s staggering some of the suggestions being made about the reintroduction of the max
Rebranding , ? Really do airlines think the flying public fell out of coconut trees and will just fly on the max .
No chance ! The media will ensure the public will know which airlines have the max and customers will choice other carriers. changing the name ? What too ? 737WTWFI (we think we fixed it )
Airbus can’t meet the needs of customers who which to change from Boeing otherwise would be even worse than they are
Julian Bray 2
It's not just the FAA that has to give approval. Its jurisdiction only covers a small part of the globe. All the regulators will need to ensure that before they sign anything off it won't come back and bite them....
G Aldridge 5
If the the title implies something that is anti-Boeing, MH370 is going to post it.
Pecos Llama 4
How much is several quarters? $1.25? That's not very much money to return all those 737 MAXs to the skies!
Edward Bardes 1
HAHAHA! Not funny.
John Nichols 1
MCAS is a terrible idea, it assumes flight crew is too stupid or untrained to recognize a departure Stall, especially with the shaker and pusher. Train the new crew, placard the MCAS, Change the MEL and try not to allow “third world” locos to fly with low time borderline pilots.
Dale Schieman -2
No one will ever get on a 737MAX again. Look for those airframes to be renamed. How about 737-2000?
Stefan Sobol 0
RyanAir has already told Boeing to rebrand their Maxes as 737-8200.
Peter Fuller 1
The 737-8200 model designation was in use before the MAX crashes. It refers to a version of the MAX 8 with additional exits so up to 210 seats can be crammed into the thing, which of course appealed to RyanAir.
Julian Bray 1
The point is that the word MAX will not feature in the branding and the 200 is supposed to represent the actual number of seats required by Ryanair. One is already liveried up in the new Ryanair 737-8200 colours for marketing purposes but the pictures were apparently leaked.....


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