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Icelandair Boeing 757-200 Suffers Right Main Landing Gear Collapse After Landing In Iceland

An Icelandair Boeing 757-200 suffered a right main gear collapse after landing at Keflavík International Airport in Iceland. ( More...

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'A man's got to know his limitations'- Dirty Harry (Clint Eastwood) 1973
Tim Duggan 1
COME ON!!! Look at the METAR. OH, wait....I get the joke....
Surface Wind was at 42knots/G 56 knots !
F A 3
Here’s a scrape of the METAR:
IKF 071600Z 13042G55KT 8000 BR OVC013 07/06 Q0966
BIKF 071530Z 13042G56KT 6000 BR OVC013 07/06 Q0967
BIKF 071500Z 13040G53KT 5000 -DZRA BR OVC010 07/06 Q0968
BIKF 071430Z 13040G54KT 3000 -DZRA BR BKN008 OVC012 07/06 Q0970
BIKF 071400Z 13040G54KT 3000 -DZRA BR BKN008 OVC012 07/06 Q0970
Shenghao Han 4
Well... they don't have much choice do they... not like they can divert to another airport then

Iceland is certainly windy... Car rental company warns you about beware of gust when opening car door, so the door won't slam open and get damaged.
James Simms 1
Or slam shut on your fingers
F A 5
28 knot crosswind (someone check my calculations please)
Upwind gear collapses outboard.
I wonder if there is footage of the landing from any of the security cameras?
bentwing60 5
You hit the nail on the head F A. 9 out of ten gear collapses occur in the direction of retraction. That first bounce must have been a dooozy, cause in order to fail them the 'wrong way' you gotta break the side stays and all but the pivot structure,as well as the main actuator. All Built like a BSH! Time for some spares.
If you read the Aviation Herald update, this may be a maintenance issue. A bolt was found to be missing from the gear, and the gear itself had just been replaced a couple of weeks prior. Overall landing was described as smooth with a small lift of the right wing.
indy2001 12
"Both runway 10 and 28 are out of service as a result." Of course both 10 and 28 are out of service because it's the same runway, just approached from opposite directions! The lack of simple aviation knowledge in the media continues to astound me.
Viv Pike 9
They must have corrected the article. I have just read it, and I quote "Runway 10/28 is out of service until the aircraft is removed."
If you watch the pictures You see the markings on the ground that are close to the crossing for the 01/19 runway, so they closed both 01/19 and 10/28, I think that is a the mixup for the travel journalist. many aircraft turned back and other flights where cancelled after the incident. Use Google Earth and the timechanger on top, the standardpictures are too old and shows the shortened runways during repairs on the northeast end of the airport.
Brent Bahler -1
I would suggest that whatever airport official or source provided the initial information of the runway’s closure was not clear in stating the 10/28 were the same runway (as you pointed out).
bentwing60 -8
I would suggest that the omnecient, ever present MSM soy boys send out their food editor ,or whomever they send to cover the never ending airport tragedies, for a little knowledge and perspective before their first report. Something about a higher standard for one and not the other! It's hard to retract a gear up landing but they always do their retractions on page 13.
Nultech 1
Please take up journalism as a profession so we can see better reporting.
bentwing60 2
What, and quit sweepin hangar floors?
Greg S 1
Food editor? Please, it's always the style editor.
Rpalmqui 2
I was on a USAirways 757 flight from KPHL to KBOS in 1998-1999 (don't remember exact year) where the right main gear partially collapsed on landing. We had to wait for ops to bring higher mobile stairs because the right side's drop made the left side doors too high for the regular stairs, and they wouldn't let us exit on the right side. The right engine was not touching the runway, but it was close (couple of feet). I was surprised that the incident was never reported to NTSB. It was clear that the right main gear strut was significantly damaged and I'm certain that bird was eventually put back on the line, but I thought those types of incidents were reportable (especially since they held us for a few hours to speak to airline reps). It was a full flight (first of the morning from PHL at 0630 was always full) and probably 200+/- pax.
Onward Lam 2
From the photo of the starboard wing and engine I did not see any very visible drag marks on the runway behind the plane. The flight crew must have realised the gear failure and tried to keep the wing up while the place slowed down. That's some interesting combination of objectives.
Plenty more extreme weather coming from wherever this came from.
thierry75 2
Looks like the ACFT sitting on LH main gear and on RH engine does not leave a lot of weight for the nose gear.
Does that indicate that if both main gears collapse on a 757, the ACFT would sit on both engines and on its tail ?
Jeffrey Bue 2
I can't wait to hear what Juan Browne from YouTube's Blancolirio channel has to say about this.
Well said indy.
Mark Weiser 1
whew! at least it wasn't that pretty blue one I just saw in the photo browse...
Bud Hightower 1
Hmmm.. Out of Kefalvik mid June.. Looking for calm winds!
They are the lowest QNH's I have ever seen too.
Philip Taylor -1
Dump of an airport! Feel sorry for anyone who has to stay there too long!
Bruno Barroso 0
The problem doesn’t seem be the Boeing but the Diva that was inside and get lost in iceland...
Incredible how this stars travel always alone


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