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American Airlines Crew Duct Taped Woman After She Tried To Storm Cockpit

A passenger on an American Airlines flight was charged Thursday after federal authorities accused her of attacking three crew members aboard the flight as it approached Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. ( More...

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Bob Myers 19
"Remember, Luke, duct tape is like The Force: it has a light side and a dark side, and it binds the universe together..."
chalet 15
This is exactly what has to be done to any and all distruptive passengers, no more detouring and landing ASAP, that costs a lot of of money to the airline and the loss of hundreds of hours and lots of inconveniences to passengers.
Ben Bosley 1
In this case they were close to their destination.
chalet 5
Even if something like this happens on the first hour of a 15-hour flight, Duct the punk.
Just soooo many handy uses for duct tape!!
ken young 5
When in doubt...."Duck it"
Sam Johnson 3

Did your dad work at Airwork in MIV and later at PSA in San Diego?

mike SUT 14
Back in the 80's we didn't need no stinkin" Duct Tape. We all carried the 2 or 3 cell Maglite Flashlight. One wrap on the noggin or in the kneecaps and they weren't doing crap for the rest of the flight. And yes, on one of my flights to Frankfurt a male passenger got the Nancy Kerrigan Procedure and 3 Army guys sat on him in the galley until we arrived.
AWAAlum 4
In today's environment, the airline would likely get sued. Sad as that is.
sparkie624 3
You can't do that with the Flash Lights we put on the planes now days... LOL!
James Simms 1
Duct tape....again. The last part of the article got me cracking up! What a world!
Bryan Jensen 5
We all carried a roll to tape leaking fuselage cockpit door on the Twin Otters at Rocky Mountain Airways when the snow blew in the ill fitting door during flights into thee Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Back in the 1970s and 1980s. FNGs (new guys) weren't warned. We had to learn after getting snow drifts on our shoulders and arms.
joel wiley 8
The extremes to which some people will go just to be seated in 1st class for a while is amazing.
Shenghao Han 2
Come on guys... She just want to be the first to get off the plane... (sarcasm)
Probably was first off; in handcuffs.
this is one of the many uses of duct tape!its one of the best products ever invented!
744pnf 2
Gorilla Tape is better.
WhiteKnight77 1
This got me to laughing pretty good. Thank you.
It seems that each day more aggressive flyers showing during flights and we are starting to read more about them. I thing there should be some basic training to passengers (optional, given by the airlines especially for the frequent flyers) to handle similar situation and should be given license to carry with them and should show it to flight counters to identify them selves and should be distributed carefully on a plane in case they are needed to handle similar situations. Just a suggestion
joel wiley 1
It seems that there is a growing number of persons who believe and expect their personal preferences are to be, rather than accommodated, acquiesced to with a complete disregard for custom, societal norms or common sense. Their antics make fodder for a publication forum which flourishes on attention to the garish and outlandish which titillates and lures attention to websites in order to increase advertising revenues.

Too many times those incidents involve aviation and appear as a squawk.

To some observers in FlightAware, this constitutes squawk pollution.
AWAAlum 2
Joel, you are a man of few sentences and many words - lol. You make a good point.
sparkie624 3
We now live in the days of "Snow Flake Millennial's"- Get used to more of this kind of crap people have no common sense anymore.... After all, Common Sense did a number of years ago, here is his obituary:
Dale Ballok 1
joel wiley 1
Topics in this forum are called 'squawks'.
Sidney Smith 2
Great that we now have to train F-A's to be bouncers too.
Anson3 2
Duct tape? I like the baseball bat solution better.
The baseball bat solution does leave a more lasting impression.
ken young 1
Actually it is more correctly "duck tape" not "duct tape". Duck isn't just a brand name, it is the name of the woven fabric that the tape is made from.
joel wiley 1
From your source:Therefore, either name is appropriate"
English is such a flexible language.
Gary Clark 1
Duck tape, turns no no no into mmm mmm mmm
joel wiley 1
Mumble tape?
sparkie624 1
That is funny....
scott8733 1
I used to have a couple hundred nm as the threshold for my old Cherokee 235 vs flying commercial- but as stories like these continue to be published- that hundred dollar burger becomes more & more justifiable.
M20ExecDriver 1
Got the best idea:
Peter Maas 1
Crew should have opened Exit door and dumped her out.
James Simms 0
Too bad we can't get away w/duct tape on Mother In Law's.


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