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United Airlines Flight Slides Off Runway, Into Grassy Area at O'Hare

A United Airlines flight arriving to Chicago slid off its runway while landing at O’Hare International Airport Wednesday morning. At 7:45 a.m., just as snow began blanketing the city, United Airlines Flight 1977 from Seattle skidded from the runway beyond the turning point toward the gate, airline officials said. ( More...

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KauaiGolfer 5
It never left the pavement. Who writes this stuff? It was so icy where the airplane came to a stop, they literally had to de-ice the pavement before they could safely tow the airplane out of there. One would think ORD would be better at keeping their taxiways clear of ice than this. Apparently, as my retired UAL DC-10 Captain Dad would say, "it was slicker than owl shit."
Jim Nasby 5
"A United Airlines flight arriving to Chicago slid off its runway while landing at O’Hare International Airport Wednesday morning." ... "The Bowling 737 made a safe landing and at 9:30 a.m. was being towed back to its intended gate..."

Very appropriate typo. :)
joel wiley 6
Sounds like a flatlander spell checker doing autocorrupt.
Torsten Hoff 3
Gutter ball. Someone put the bumpers up.
babyracer 1
I shouldn't laugh but that some funny shit right there XD
blucenturion 4
Media is first and foremost interested in shock value, and facts cannot get in the way. The erroneous headlines about airliner incidents can no longer be attributed to unfamiliarity with aviation, no one's that dumb, so it has to be willful. This aircraft did not "slide past gate" nor did it "skid off its runway". The pilot's voice can be heard reporting braking action nil. So deceleration and stop had to be performed with reverse thrust. End of story. Anything to grab a headline.
744pnf 2
Agreed, a non-event. I ferried a 727-2M7 KMSP-KDTW one wintry morning arriving DTW @ 0330 before they had treated the runways for ice. Stopping the empty aircraft was no problem but after I had stopped and attempted to turn onto the taxiway the strong wind weathervaned the aircraft and I had to reverse all three engines to stop. We were towed to the gate and when ground inquired bout the braking action I reported ‘NIL’…which effectively closed the airport.
Mike Dacre 3
This is not even a story.. must be a slow news day!
Pileits 3
As reported by a Mz Regina Waldroup who didn't quite check out all the facts prior to rushing to get herself on camera.
emilpudge 3
It would be nice if they put "taxi-way" into their vocabulary.
babyracer 1
What are the facts she missed out on? Merely curious.

Doesn't surprise me in the least that a reporter gets it wrong, gotta catch them ratings ;)
Rob Palmer 1
What really happened: The maintenance boys, loaded with holiday cheer, neglected to treat that end of the runway on time. Possibly someone didn't show up. They figure "Whose going to be coming in this early?"
MH370 1
I would have thought at ord the "powers that be" in charge of keeping runways cleared of snow or ice would have done so..airplanes ,just like any other speeding thing with wheels,cannot just stop on a dime if its icy.slick or wet..guess the pilot couldnt tell or was ill advised by the tower..
Roy Thomas 0
Seems to me that the only story here is the inability of the pilots to turn the plane around in the space of the runway. Our local runway PADQ requires a taxi down the strip followed by a 180 before take off. Surely the strips at Ohare are not more narrow than our little airport here in Alaska. Yes it's 737s that do that everyday here.
Roy Thomas 1
Never mind the orginal story left out some important details. "a number of runway lights were damaged."
chalet 0
Looks as if it came down hot and high and touched down way past where it should, fortunately the available area ahead was ample, had this been at Midway it should have been real awful.
Brayden Myers -3
That's United Airlines or more like Disunited Airlines. These people don't know how to fly a plane. I used thier airline once and I'm never using it again. I had a two connection flight. I was at Ohare and then we got on the plane going to South Bend. The pilot was obviously to close to a Boeing 747 jet and then the windshield broke and my twenty minute flight was delayed to four hours. Never take Disunited Airlines
United don't fly ORD-SBN...


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