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Pilatus PC-24 Second Prototype Make Maiden Flight with Video

The second PC-24 prototype (PO2) took off from Buochs Airport today on its maiden flight. The so-called “Super Versatile Jet” with call sign HB-VXB flew across Central Switzerland for a total of 82 minutes. ( More...

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Mike Davis 1
Beautiful aircraft. They sure do a lot of flying with the gear down.
gerardo godoy 1
Exactly like the Embraer!!!!
Armin Broger 1
Super -Flugzeug,sieht umwerfend aus,ist der absolute Renner der Pilatus-Werke!!! Alle Flugzeige der Pc -Rheie und der Porter haben sich bestens bewährt! Gratulation Pilatuewerke-Schweizer Wertarbeit !!!


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