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Incident: Air Canada B788 near Frankfurt on Sep 13th 2015, cargo bay heating failure

An Air Canada Boeing 787-800, registration C-GHPU performing flight AC-85 from Tel Aviv (Israel) to Toronto,ON (Canada), was enroute at FL380 about 190nm southeast of Frankfurt/Main (Germany) when the crew received indication of a malfunction of the heating system for a cargo bay, a dog was travelling in that bay. The captain decided to divert to Frankfurt/Main ( More...

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Ric Wernicke 12
The pilots took their charge to care for all souls aboard seriously. Air Canada seems to excel when the right thing is not always the easiest.
joel wiley 1
Doubt that when the plane calls in with # souls aboard they routinely include the 4 legged ones in cargo- maybe they should. Air Canada can charge the extra costs of the flight to the advertising budget -a bargain at that.
Finally some positive news :)
sparkie624 3
Tiggerflute 1
Like the heartwarming story a while back about the pilot taking the starry-eyed kid on a tour of the plane at a gate.
Eve Olson 5
Good onya Captain.
toolguy105 2
The Captain did the right thing. My only question is why is this story news worthy. Mechanical problems cause diversions all the time on every type of aircraft in the air. Was this news worthy only because it was a 787, or because the Captain diverted and delayed his passengers for the safety of a dog? Which was the right thing to do.
boughbw 2
I think it was for the dog angle on the story. I saw the story a few times and did not glean that it was a 787 involved. Only now do I see the fact associated with the story.
btweston 0
So... Read something else.
No pet dog is worth less than any human since such dog's are considered family members. If there is a problem worthy of debate it is having this family member forced to travel as 'cargo' is time to allow pet dogs to travel, perhaps sedated, with the family in the main cabin!
sam kuminecz 0
Depends on the aircraft and or dog...

a adult Great Dane on a fully booked embraer...NO
A miniature chihuahua on a 737 or 777...fine

Some people have allergies and a scared dog can cause distractions to crew and passengers...
When I fly I try to sleep on long hauls...I don't want to be kept up for 5 hours by a lil ankle biter...

Don't get me wrong I love dogs and cats and my daughters little green anole lizard...but they belong in the belly.
joel wiley 0
Seen more pax that the rest would benefit from them to be created in cargo than k9s.
Just as long as the baggage handlers could knock a little sense into them first...
I have a little 13lb Morkie "Maltese and Yorkie". Dosen't bark, not a yapper, doesn't bitch or complain about anything. Quite content to sit by your side for hours on end. Her only problem is her getting overly excited when meeting new people. She has a tendency to piddle. I think after several hours on a flight with a few hundred new friends, everyone would be soaking wet.

Should be noted: AC had an incident a year or two ago, a cat got away from one of their personnel in Montreal "I believe" and it took them a month to find, catch and return the cat to the upset owner. It was heavily covered in the news. I doubt AC wants another bad pet PR story.

The Capt did the right thing for the Airline and the puppy...

As for whether the pups should be allowed in the cabin. No. Here's why, you would have to restrict it to hypo-allergenic dogs or people with allergies would have a problem. Then you have some responsible owners who have properly trained and socialized their dogs and would do quite well staying in the cabin. But then you have the other extreme, where the little yapper is more than likely a nipper, thus lawsuits. Then you have the 80lb rottie or pitbull that thinks they're a lap dog and your lap belongs to him. Last but not least, when the St. Bernard in coach passes wind and the people in 1st smell something burning their nostril airs and start screaming, well you get the picture. Some dogs simply travel better in cargo. But all dog owners think they're dog is fine in the cabin - others won't mind.

Better than gettign hit with a lawsuit for killing a dog.
Amoc Sivunna 0
Malfunction of heating system, does not mean that a dog in the cargo bay can die. Diverting or not on a alternate airport depends only on the MEL (minimum equipement list).
sparkie624 2
If the heating systems fails in cargo bin and the captain does not Divert the animal probably will die.... The temp in the cargo bin falls dramatically when there is no heat there.
joel wiley 0
Sorry, don't understand. Can you expand on what you are saying? Diversion is justified only if something happens to equipment on MEL?
Amoc Sivunna 1
The Captain has to respond about his behavior to his company. Diverting to an alternate airport involves an enormous cost in money and other cosequencies. The MEL (Minimum Equipment List) is the list present in each civil aircraft wich fix the minimum apparatous that have to work to beguin or continue a flight to destination. Heating malfunction does not mean no heating at all. Usually small animals are allowed to stay in the cabin, this is not allowed for big animals. As far as I know the temperature in the cargo compartment can not descend more then a few degrees below zero even though the haeting is not working because part of the air of the pax cabin is discharged in the cargo compartment. Anyway for sure the Captain had his good reasons to land in Frankfurt.
sparkie624 2
If the MEL or Company policy says divert, you divert accordingly... If the message or indication comes up as being inop weather it be an indication error or not, you proceed according as if it were. I know if a plane came back with my dead animal that was healtly when they entered, I would be incredibly upset... It is not about the money, it is about the love of my pets, and if one got hurt as the result of negligence, the someone is going to pay... Personally my Dog and my Cat is worth more than the human that is sitting beside of me.

Furthermore you mentioned how cool it could get.. A few degrees below zero... It depends on where you are flying... Even with the biggest jacket that you have ad the best winter, I would invite you to travel in an unheated compartment for 2 or 3 hours with no real room to move around.... I think you are barking up the wrong tree... You should always divert in that situation.
Amoc Sivunna 1
I understand You sparkie624. I want to tell You one of my experiences with a B757. I had to stay on ground for 5 hs in Glasgow with a tempereture of -!5°-18°C with passengers on board and a dog in the cargo compartment. The pax cabin was conditioned, tha cargo bay no. We could be cleared to start up and take off in any moment. Actually I was concerned for the dog. Destination was Orlando (Florida). During the navigation I found 135-140 kts frontal wind at all the altitudes and, in spite of the regulations, I was forced to land in Norfolk (Virginia) military airport for refuelling. My concern was not the suarvival of the dog during the flight, but the dog survival on ground at Glasgow. Well, finally we landed in Orlando and the owner of the dog found his animal in good conditions. Consider that there are a lot of problems that a captain has to face in a flight, including the cabin crew service time. The cabin crew were icelandic strongly backed up from there unions, The flight deck crew were of another european country with a different contract of employment. In any case the dog's owner, informed about the outside tempereture, and his animal, on request, could be disembarked during the stay at Glasgow.
Roch Comeau 1
I don't think you are correct. Many years ago, I worked at an airline with old DC-8s, and a canine was put in the wrong (unheated) cargo bay (apparently some were heated and some not, but I don't know if that was by design or maintenance). The dog arrived frozen hard. Not a good day for anyone there.
Amoc Sivunna 1
I dont remember the systems on the DC8. You could be right. I will check. I'd have in some part the DC8 manuals.
sparkie624 1
On most of those a/c the Front was not heated and the back cargo hold was heated.
joel wiley 1
Thanks for clarification. Presume below zero is Celsius & not Fahrenheit.
Amoc Sivunna 1
corey1989 0


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