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Pilot Caught on Camera Texting During Takeoff

An airline pilot was caught on camera texting and checking Twitter during takeoff, ignoring on-board announcements to put devices in airplane mode. The pilot was a passenger on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Tampa, FL. He was in his uniform, but not part of the crew actually flying the plane. ( और अधिक...

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oowmmr 10
The guy is, a passenger, 1/2 way back not even near the cockpit. News media trying to make something outta nothing. Editor is reaching with this story.
Possibly, next the reporter can catch a cop speeding in his personal car....that reporter needs to be fired and summarily beaten in the face with a rose branch .
Ray Dahl 1
"According to the Federal Aviation Administration, passengers can use their phones during take off and in-flight, but only in airplane mode...."

It's the law! Crew in uniform should be aware of how this looks to the common passenger.

I was a psgr and a pilot in uniform ignored the rule, I mentioned it to him and he arrogantly looked at me and continued on.

(I am a retired airline pilot)
Chris B 3
This is a bit like that Policeman you saw driving down the street with a cell phone to his ear. Its a daily event by passengers of aircraft and Policeman alike. Its nothing to get worked up over.
jbqwik 3
Because I'm almost 70 cell phone addiction is the only problem I *don't have.
linbb 1
I am 70 and cannot figure out why one has to answer a phone while talking to someone anyway. I guess growing up without one or having an answering machine helped me out.
joel wiley 1
Maybe common courtesy being common back then had something to do with it as well.
preacher1 3
Well, in the 1st place, Mr. Tillman had to have his on and using it as well. He seems worried about sterile cockpit but I figure he just wants his name in print.
usad 1
Cell phone cameras do work in Airplane Mode. Cameras do not emit RF radiation. No penalty there.
bbabis 3
The story I see in this is that Tillman is "That guy." Don't be "That guy."
brian Gaskill 8
Is this really a story? Do people actually put their phones in airplane mode? I put it on silent and away we go...chad Tillman is really trying to stretch this into a sterile cockpit issue? Who records other people like that anyways..? What a creep.
scott8733 3
Right on, Brian. Phone cuts out at 10,000 feet anyway. The main reason phones need to be put into A/P mode is that if they weren't, you'd have anywhere from 50-300 people yaking away (most giving needless play-by-plays to loved ones on the ground) and no one listening to preflight safety checks.
lenny field 2
Must have been a slow news day.
sparkie624 1
Some how it just hit me... The person taking the video in the first place is just as guilty for having electronics out during take off... HMMM..
sparkie624 1
So what is the problem.... I put my phone and tablet away during take off and landing... It is not going interfere with the plane... Anyone who says it will is just BS... A few years ago a CRJ-200 capt departed MEM and steered the wrong course using his FMS.. Blamed his error on a passenger with a cell phone... What an idiot... Furthermore, Navigating on FMS does not use any VOR freq information (Primarily it uses DME-DME Navigation and a GPS for backup, neither of which could never be interfered with by a cellular device.
joel wiley 2
The passenger on the cell phone may have been talking with the pilot and distracted him.
Mark Hewines 1
Did he confirm that it was on a cell network and not on the on-board WiFi? This is beyond ridiculous.
usad 1
Airplane mode does not allow Wifi either. Wifi is another form of RF transmission. Not allowed.
usad 1
Bernie20910 1
Wanna bet? You can turn WiFi on in airplane mode. I have a couple of my old phones that I kept after upgrading and I use them around the house for things (with the proper app) like kitchen timers, TV remote, calculator, etc. On all of those I keep them in airplane mode and simply turn on WiFi so the apps can be updated over my home network.
jmilleratp 1
This passenger is a brainless idiot! Lord.
btweston 1
Wow. Now we're publicly busting off-duty pilots for messing around on a cell phone.

Way to go, America. Way to frickin' go.
paul trubits 4
It is about don't do as I do, do as I say.
joel wiley 2
Or 'ignore the man behind the curtain'
Joseph Henley 1
This story is dumb, just the other day I was sitting next to someone who was face timing during takeoff and have also sat next to someone who was talking on their cellphone as the plane was on it's take off role. Poor pilot will probably lose his job over someone being a little too nosey.
elcockm 0
so many people do that jus he is the first one to get caught. So what will happen to him will he lose his job
Colin Seftel -9
Uniform or not, the cabin crew failed to enforce the rule and shame on American Airlines for not accepting accountability for this.
btweston 2
Shame? No. Not even close.
30west 2
I believe that you are incorrect in placing blame on the AA FA's. (Based upon experience, I would suggest that if a jumpseater was out of line and an FA was aware, the FA would let the Captain know (and relish telling him) while enroute so he could ask for the jumpsetter to stop by the cockpit on the way out.)

Actually, once the FA's make their final pass through the cabin and take their crew positions, they can't see what people are doing while seated, i.e. using cell phones. At that point of the taxi & TO, their final checks would have been completed. Once they are seated, compliance by pax is based upon their integrity. AA has nothing to apologize for at all. Its accountability is to notify the offenders company, which it did, and let his chief pilot have a chat with him.

The jump seating pilot from another carrier should not have been doing that, he set a very poor example. I believe crew members traveling in uniform have a special responsibility to comply with all the rules. I always am very conscience while in uniform and go out of my way not doing anything that puts our profession in a bad light, including watching the safety briefing which I know by memory from hearing it so many times.
Timothy McDonnell 2
More than crew members, even non-crew flying on benefits essp if you have your company ID with a logo on it hanging around your neck) are expected to abide by all FAA regs, and company decorum. That said maybe we should worry more about on duty crew members who leave their phones on.


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