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Air India Incurs Losses On All Routes Operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliners, Revival Under Cloud

Air India’s turnaround looks unlikely as the aircraft the airline had bet on is losing money on all deployed routes. ( और अधिक...

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preacher1 8
You can't make a plane increase your occupancy rate. When you base on 80% and only get 47%, that ain't the planes fault, as much as they would like for it to be.
jb3680550 8
"It's the B787's fault", says AI's over-bloated and entitled bureaucracy class, who couldn't manage a fleet of Piper Cubs.
preacher1 4
I guess they thought that the 787's increased efficiency would cover their shortfall. Did you happen to notice that all their losses were on the long haul, out of country routes, where there was some competition.
wx1996 5
I agree. It is time that Indian Government hire a foreign well run carrier to over see Air India and teach them how to run an international air line. It is time for the incompetent Air India management and team to stop blaming the the 787 for their issues. If the plane was the problem ANA and JAL would have held Boeing accountable by now.
matt jensen 4
No, please don't do that - make them just go away - problem solved
canuck44 2
While that is a great idea, the degree of nepotism within the ranks will frustrate any corporation foolish enough to take on that task.
Jeremy Chen 3
The Boeing 787 is a wonderful airplane. However, under the management of air India...
Let's put it this way: it is like putting a rotten steak on a gold plate.
linbb 2
They cant keep them running due to poor maintenance and they blame it on the AC while it was reported that one had been used to keep others flying. Right blame something that cant fight back but not the ones who try to keep it flying.


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