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(Video) Cabin video of extreme turbulence on American 280 near Japan

"RAW FOOTAGE // American Airlines Flight AA280 diverted to Tokyo after being hit by winter storm, several hurt." ( और अधिक...

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cparks 4
Peter Atherton 3
Check out the airspeeds on the track/graph log around 5A? 630kts/725mph at 27,000 FT. Must have been some incredible tailwinds.
M Hinkson 3
screaming - an involuntary response caused by fear. it's not actually calculated "to help"
Ray Arment 1
Actually, screaming is a primordial and very common across the species.

Screaming evolved as a survival alert, not for the screamer but for the rest of the group to high tail it out of the area there is life threatening danger. IDK, I made that up.
nicholas weber 2
Turbulence? Just fly around the Arabian Gulf in August. THe video had a few large bumps that's all!
Victor Engel 2
Unfortunately, you can't tell much from the video. It would have been much better had the camera been secured to a part of the plane. That way, you could see things moving around relative to the plane. As is, it's not so different from if someone had recorded the cabin while waving their arm around.
MSU Sparty 2
This falls on AA Flight Dispatch sending this plane through the winter storm with tailwinds predicted to be 250kts or greater and a Tokyo Sigmet for Upper Air Turbulence. Almost all other flights went north almost polar. AA could not help themselves with the thought of cutting an hour or ore of the flight time. How did that work out?
Yeah, but the pilots should've reviewed said weather charts too...
MSU Sparty 3
I agree...the Captain has the final say. Good point
Carlisle Landel 1
It's not severe turbulence until the hand-held cam goes airborne and then rolls around the cabin! ;-)
Noah Rice 1
Im going to guess that this was some very heavy CAT and that wouldn't be on their charts. Maybe they could have flown through it or even requested lower, but with injuries they had to divert to NRT. I could be wrong though.
MrTommy 1
Not good press for the "Friendly Skies".
Patrick Pong 1
I've been in similar extreme turbulence crossing the Pacific on a JAL 747-400 flight from LAX to Narita. People were also scared and screaming. I was reading the newspaper. What can you do, when you are at cruising altitude and in the middle of nowhere? Nothing at all, so I just continued to read the newspaper and shortly afterwards the turbulence subsided. Either the majority of those people screaming had not flown much, or perhaps, I have flown too much to worry about it.
Maybe the newspaper article was just too interesting...
Ben Stilp 1
This is why I always fly medicated
Ralph Wigzell 1
Why do they have to scream???
Ralph Wigzell 1
Donald McCann 1
It appeared from the video that the plane was shaking a lot, but there was no threat of a crash. For turbulence to be "extreme," it has to be rough enough for the pilots to loose control. Since that didn't appear to happen, the turbulence was, at its worst, only "severe." Bad headline!
Pete Boeller 1
Off the chart turbulence!
Lynn Armbruster 1
so glad i haven't experienced that lol
erisajd 3
I've been in turbulence so bad my dog was levitating in the back seat. He wasn't a fan.
erisajd 0
I just have to ask:, how does screaming help?

What possible good does screaming do to anyone?
Dan Anderson 2
It is natural for those in fear for their lives. When in an "exciting" situation, the natural response is to yell or express the discomfort being felt. For some, such discomfort is terrifying (like this flight) and for others, it is taken as joy (like a roller coaster ride.)
bentwing60 0
The usual response for a weak defense mechanism. probably gained her a whole new set of close friends.
Aaron Egbers -1
What a joke. Some rough air. Happens everyday. Drive next time.
smoki -5
Gives you a sample of what it must have sounded like in the back when Alaska Flight 261 went out of control and crashed back in January 2000 as a result of a screw jack actuator for the horiz stab on the MD-83 disconnecting in flight in what may have largely been the result of its Captain deciding to become a test pilot. Same could be said for AF447 as it sank toward the black Atlantic ocean from 30,000 feet at night time in a deep stall as a result of the total incompetence of its crew who refused to apply fundamental stall recovery techniques because they blindly trusted their FMS computer rather than the seat of their pants as the airplane spoke to them repeatedly saying "stall, stall, stall" while buffeting and wing rocking violently. Where do we get such men? Did this American crew ever slow down in the midst of what would appear to have been severe turbulence? No way to tell from this video. Never heard any PAs either though there may have been one or more outside the range of this brief video.
bentwing60 14
No way to verify that you are the ATP genius that you depict in a narrative designed to question the pilots competence in scenarios you have never encountered.
Ralph Wigzell 3
Turbulence penetration speed is almost the same in most airliners, around M.08 which is close to cruise speed. As for AF447, the airline did not cover the scenario in their training and the aircraft manufacturer allowed operations with known defective parts on the airplane.


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