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Future Cockpits

New cockpit technologies could let pilots use "x-ray vision" and voice activation. ( More...

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Kim Frazier 3
Very interesting. As a passenger, I can't even begin to imagine being airborn without a pilot. Technology is exciting. It can also be disturbing. Some of the comments in this video remind me of comments regarding the Air France 447 crash...pilots as systems managers, with no aerodynamical (is that a word? if not, i'm using it anyway) common sense. I'll take the pilot with common sense, thank you!
John Rumpf 2
I really hope this technology is never put into action. It's unsafe and I want to be a commercial pilot. Many pilots love their jobs. Really hoping that this never is put into effect.
Very interesting. As stated some of this is happening now and some more is not too far out. For PAX aircraft I think we will not see the pilotless aircraft for a while. Freight however? Not so sure.


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