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Watch a Mammoth Airbus A380 Go From the Assembly Line to the Runway

No matter how annoying it gets to squish into an economy seat, it's hard to deny that airplanes are awe-inspiring. Watching Qatar Airways' recent Airbus A380 assembled highlights how intricate the design of these beastly machines really is. ( More...

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steve rogers 3
I think its pretty cool how this plane comes together , the biggest most modern plane , built the old fashion way kind of ..
Jeffrey Bue 2
I love watching videos like this. Thanks for sharing.
yea but i dont like the paint job :)
I am not french or german i just like aviation and i think the A 380 is one of the best airplane ever built by his majestuosity or by the technology.Critics are good but make them constructive and applaud and congratulate first it will force the mankind to do better and better.
megavoyager 1
WTF ????!!!!???? even google translate couldn't help me with this one ! did you drop out of school when you were 5 years old, or are you retarded ?
Kent Thompson 3
To small.

[This poster has been suspended.]

preacher1 3
Best I remember, it was a deal just watching the time lapse of the building being built. LOL
smoki 1
Big, bigger and biggest is not necessarily all good. The first one of these things that crashes....I don't even like to think about it. This behemoth flying machine could become, if it's not already, a target for terrorism.
In that case, wouldn't a B748 be a much more interesting target for terrorism, as it's built in the USA?
Wow! What can I say? Viewing the video's of various stages of assembly of the Qatar Airbus A380. Mesmerized as to the amount of detail that goes into creating an aircraft of that size. Exquisite!
Kent Thompson 1
To big.
preacher1 -2
leave it to the French and Germans for hamstringing a company, insisting the manufacturing has got to be spread out. The 380 is mostly too big for the Beluga, hence must go the old fashioned way, by barge & road. They make a trek once a wee, at nite, show in the video going thru the village of Levignac, having only centimeters to spare on either side. Let's hope they don't grow any. LOL They say there are several other villages along the route where it is similar.
siriusloon 5
Yeah, those damned Frenchies and Jerries! That sort of thing would NEVER happen in Uncle Sam's land. No way the B-1 would have had a supplier in every state or that the F-35 has come close to matching that. No way Boeing would have a supplier build 737 fuselages in Wichita and send them (well, most of them) by train across the Great Plains and through the Rocky Mountains all the way to the Pacific Northwest. Do you think it was a Franco-German who came up with that idea?

And don't get me started on how Boeing must have "left it to the French and Germans" to "hamstring" them into building major assemblies for the 787 all over the country -- and the world. Of course, they couldn't borrow the Belugas from Airbus. Boeing had to pay an Asian company to modify some 747s into Dreamlifters so that it can all be flown to the assembly lines. Do you think it was a Frenchman or a German who insisted on spreading two assembly lines on opposite sides of the continent?

And those few spare centimetres in Levignac are nothing! The Dreamlifters can fit anywhere, even little airports somewhere in the general vicinity of Wichita.
preacher1 1
I won't argue with spread the wealth, especially on the F35, BUT, what we are doing is spread out because the companies want to, not forced to, and you don't have any places that tight. Oh Well! And having a soft spot for the rail, I don't see anything wrong with the fuselages out of Wichita. They been doing it for years, and only 1 little derailment.
Jesse Carroll -8
Odama has the market on "Spreading the Wealth" around! Sorry couldn't resist it!....LOL

[This poster has been suspended.]

The crashing into a forest happened in France, not in Germany.
Gary Butt 0
Brilliant, bit scary though the reports of the Dreamliner workers refusing to fly on them because of their own low standards of workmanship.
John Berry -3
While there is really no point in debating whether the A380 is an engineering marvel or not I still find it to be an awkward and ugly aircraft. Same with the A318-321 series.
I've flown on everything except the 380 , but - the 319, 20 and 21 are great aircraft And they beat all the 37's in comfort and room. Maybe the new 37 900's come close, but I'll take comfort and sound level - over beauty all day long.


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