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B-2 flies again nearly 4 years after fire

When you've Only Got 20 B-2 Bombers, keeping all of them flying becomes important. When one of a B-2 bomber’s four engines caught fire during what the Air Force called a “routine” engine start while on the ground at Guam’s Andersen Air Force Base in February 2010, the service said it was no big deal. ( More...

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joel wiley 5
Pardon my initial impression. I first thought the photo at the bottom was the aircraft in question with 'minor damage'. Glad to hear its flying again.
I thought the same thing. Had to read the caption a couple of times.
Greg L 1
same lolol
Awwww...little duct tape and some paint - that one will be good as new
joel wiley 1
I can hear them now at the rental return desk "It's just a tiny scratch, and it was there when I rented it!"
tiptank 1
Oh please. Everyone knows that you wouldn't use duct tape on a Stealth Bomber.

Speed Tape! lol
Musketeer1 1
I never bothered to learn, I always thought they only had 2 engines.
1944 Engine failure/fire in H IX V2 flying wing downed aeroplane. 1954 de Havilland DH.106 Comet 1 crashes over sea. Limited investigation techniques can not rule out engine failure (Attributed to decompression - but how?). Northrop-Grumman-Boeing B2 engine fire damage. All three engines in the wings. Awesome aeroplanes and fantastic engineering but increased risk in event of engine failure. B2 downed on take-off too 2 billon tax dollars up in smoke. I wonder what the cost was to rebuild it to flying condition?
Cricket DOP -2
Why would you rebuild? The technology is soon becoming obsolete. Pilotless drones are the true wave of the future.
oowmmr 1
What an important plane. I stood next to one at Edwards years ago, it was behind the rope, its not as big as I thought. In the future flying wing airliners will grace the sky's. Wings Rule!
Kent Thompson 1
Four years to fix a war plane. That's cool.
gretnabear 1
some background 'Program office brings home 'wounded warrior'
Posted 8/23/2011 Updated 8/24/2011
Cricket DOP 0
Unbelievable. What has this country come to? Revealing the actual numbers of these jets that should ONLY FLY AT NIGHT should still be classified!
The US has always trumpeted successes and there is always someone leaking something. The first concept/development B2 in 1979 showed prototypes being built (Somewhere in my overdose of files I have a pic). It is a pity that there are a only few that take their secrets to the grave. On such example was a neighbour of my fathers who worked on Convair B36 bombers as an engineer, and a courier to the Pentagon. He never told anything beyond standard operations and pressed several times never said a word. Brian was an excellent example, nice guy and family man. He was also a New Zealander and maybe why he got the job.
Cricket DOP 0
U2/TR1 & SR71 ceilings are still classified along with SR REDLINE.


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