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Plane uses ice runway to evacuate American from Antarctic outpost

An Australian aircraft has made a rare mid-winter emergency flight to Antarctica involving landing on an ice runway to evacuate a member of a U.S. government expedition in apparent need of urgent surgery, U.S. authorities said on Wednesday. ( और अधिक...

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amahran 5
Gotta love how Yahoo news uses a picture of a ship, despite the fact that the news article's focus is the plane....
Fred Moore 1
"Yahoo" is about right. Ignorant.
preacher1 1
That is puzzling when one of the National news media showed the AB. Kudos to the pilots for not only trying it but succeeding at it. More than one has cracked up down there and at times, nobody would even attempt it. It seems like a year or so back that a USAF or sombody's C-130 put down there mid winter for a similar thing and they had to jump thru all kinds of hoops to get him down and back off.
Philip Schramm 3
Dr. Nielsen was evacuated from. Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station on Antarctica in1998. The hoops they jumped through was because it was far colder than any prior experience with C-130. Dr. Nielson wrote a book, " Ice Bound" about the experience.

Great flying by both aircrews and great maintenance support to make the whole thing go.
preacher1 1
Thanks for the info. No way I would have though it would have been that far back. Seems like yesterday. I guess that shows what peaks your interest.LOL
Michael Shellard 2
My congratulations and thanks to the pilot and crew of the airbus who took a great risk to themselves to go get this guy. I respect your airmanship and attitude.
God Bless you all.
Fred Moore 1
Been down there in the summer a few times in a 130. Those guys did one hell of a fine job. Kudos.
tim mitchell 1
I would crack from having a six month long night
Fred Moore 1


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